Blogging is always a thing I am always excited to do, hyped to show to the world, and most especially to share a piece of myself that I hope sometime may inspire other people to blog as well. Hence, last October 11, 2014, Tomasinoweb, UST’s official online publication held BlogCon 2014 entitled Rising Above the Ordinary in Beato Angelico AVR.

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jeline-catt  asked:

idk what "describe a movie really badly" goes like but here goes: expressionless teenage girl falls in love with a sparkling fairy who can catch an apple with his shoe which is then perfectly placed on his hands and yeah you know where this is going LOL

lol twilight

oh stephanie meyer how youve created a story that is universally identifiable even when your movie is being described badly  


🍕 in-the-making with all the toppings I love: rosemary, alfalfa, black olives, green bell pepper, tomato, shredded cheese & mushroom. 👌

Made quite a mess in the kitchen yesterday afternoon with @jelinecatt. Topped these darlings with wonders and also made smoothies/frappé for ourselves! Also, surprised @nickyanguas last night with the same thing in (a somehow late but simple) celebration of our 28th and Valentine’s! T'was a great & productive day - not to mention that I had quite a progress with the painting I started 3 days ago (here). Wish all days are like this!

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