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JELENA ONE SHOT ( 3 parts tho)
based on an au meme


Selenas POV:
I took my keys up from my pocket and loocked myself inn. I slowly took of my shooes and hung my jacket in the closet. I took my phone up from my back pocket on my tight jeans and loocked up my screen. I always smiled when i saw my lockscreen. It was of me and justin,kissing.
” can u come erlier home from work today? Have somthing to tell you ;)” i texted justin and walked into the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and looked for somthing to eat. ” you dont need no other lover we can keep it undercover” i muttered as i took a bannana yogurt and took a spoon from the kitchen drawer.*pling* my phone said while i was on my way to the living room to watch some tv.
” ill come as fast as i can (: shall i pick up some food for us? What you want, subway or kfc?”
I texted ” kfc please” as i picked up the tv remoter.
“Baylor! Come here!” I said with an childly voice and clapping. Baylor jumped up on the couch and took his face on my lap.

Justins POV:
“One moretime” i said while adjusting my headphones.
” it would be so cool if you did this high note on the “I” ” scooter said while folding his hands. The music guy took the chorus on again.
Great work justin! Scooter said while giving me a highfive.
I really have to go now, my lady back home is waiting for me i said while taking my jacket on.
“See you tomorrow than” alfredo said while walking out. I took my phone up and saw selenas message.
” im on my way” i quickly replied while finding my carkeys.

Selenas POV:
After seeing 2 episodes of friends i switched over to E!news to see the celebrity gossip of today.
And right then the door bell rang. Baylor jumped off the sofa and ram as fast as he could to the door. I loocked up and there stood justin, with flowers in his hands. “Hello mamacita!” He said and kisssed my cheek. “Nice flowers! How was work hun?” I said while giving him space to walk inside. I took his flowers and walked into the kichen to find them a vase. ” well it was nice, i recorded two new songs and their pretty dope” i heard him say as he walked to the livingroom. I sat the vase on the dining table and walked to justin. I seated me on the sofa close to justin and was holding him tight ” so what was the thing you wanted so badly to say to me?” Justin said and kissed my forehead. He leaned closer to me and kissed me soft on the mouth for a while but i pulled slowly away. “Well justin.. Um” i said while watching our hands tuching eachother. ” so when you had left to the studio.. And before i got to work i did a test.. And um..” Justin bowed his eyebrows. I smiled at him, and squeesed his hands. ” im, im pregnant. Im pregnant justin. With your child.”