jelena single


Selena Gomez’ new single “Feel me” ♥


// hi! can you please do fake instagram where justin and girl just had a baby? //

Btw. every single fake jelena photo I ever use will probably be off of the jelenamanips instagram account, so all credits for those pics go to them! They are pretty amazing. 

Justin Bieber - Unfamiliar (feat. Selena Gomez) ~ Justin's album!

It’s now been confirmed that “Unfamiliar” will be on Justin’s upcoming album, which will be out later this year! Justin raps a little in it and Selena’s part is a little bit more slowed down… They have made 6 other songs together, but they’re releasing them one at a time, and there’s a few of the songs that Selena doesn’t want released before like 30-40 years from now, because then people will (hopefully) have moved on from the fact that Jelena is real. xo UPDATE: the song has been put on hold and will most likely not be put on any other of their next albums. xo