jelena broke up

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She’s been trying for so long. As soon as jelena broke up she was hitting him up and made sure to go to the same services as him. She is desperate but he is stupid for letting her in.

You gotta leave it to her that she’s persistent (not that that’s not annoying). Also i think Hailey reallyyy cares about him. To make it clear, that does not mean that I want them together in any way.

Well, well with all this shit about Barbara Palvin and Justin is piss me off.

  •  First, I don’t know if Jelena broke up….maybe in this time is true…idk.
  • Second, you mother fuckers Selenators, stop haiting on Beliebers, Justin and Barbara, you all are acting like immature and ugly bitches, Selena is just beign the inocent…this is why i dislike her and her fans a lot.
  • Third, Beliebers…why you are loving Barbara? Because she hang out whit Justin? I’m a Belieber and I think is just stupid love Barbara cause she hang out with Justin ONE night.
  • And Selenators, all of you are sayin Barbara is ugly..ahahahha..i mean she is more pretty, sexy, cute, sensual, and naturally. Not like your idol, Selena is pretty but Barbara a lot.
  • Selena is just like being the inocent in this situation, she post a pic of Justin, Lil twist and Barbara with a “…..” o well, all the Selenators are so dramatic trending ‘Selena Always Smile’ in twitter, is just stupid, just for a pic you trend that shit? oh god…
  • If Jelena still together, all the Beliebers need to support JUSTIN not his Girlfriend, You made a promisse to support JUSTIN not his relationships.
  • Whatever if Justin and Selena broke up, seriously Beliebers not make drama for a ONE relationship of our idol, Selena is just another girlfriend in the life of Justin, he can have a LOT of GF not only Selena, ya all Jelenators need to know that.
  • If Jelena broke up, I will be not angry, or nervious, because i don’t care, really don’t care, is just another relationship of Justin, I care of Justin’s happines, and all Selenators and Jelenators who say Selena is Justin’s happines, you all mother fuckers are just WRONG, Justin has his team Bieber, Beliebers and his FAMILY. He don’t need Selena.
  • If you are not agree with me, i don’t care….every insult will be respond in my Ask…welcome Jelenators and Selenators to my ask.

Finally …i need pop corn, coca-cola, candys and a sit for laugh so hard for this drama…bye.

let me tell you something

what it pisses me off is that selena’s friends are tweeting about how justin should’ve treated selena “like a real man” and that she’s so “strong” whatever. they’re making selena look like a victim, wtf? yall are adults right? ACT LIKE AN ADULT THEN.

they are so idiots because while you are “making justin look bad” he’s on his own life and he has NEVER TWEETED ANYTHING ABOUT SELENA. he’s 18 but he acts more mature than you.