Exposed: Justin Bieber’s new nickname for Sofia Richie?

I was planning on posting my Little Mix Get Weird review first tonight the originally planned but once again Justin be consuming my time and ruining my posting schedule as usual. Little Mix stans, you will be getting the review after this post goes up because my readers are attacking me on twitter and telling me to hurry up and post due to the just released photos. 

Earlier on Twitter, I posted the following and then signed off.

Fast forward a couple hours later, and the following pictures are released.

While you’re all having meltdowns on twitter, this was literally me looking at those photos. 

To why you’re all having meltdowns on Twitter is confusing. Justin been hoeing it up since his debut. I mean

I will agree that the Jofia photos are a little bit more, but this is not the first time we get photos like this …. I mean at least they’re both of age. 

Before I tell you the new info, let me summarize what we told you so far. 

We told you in our last post Jofia that mutual friend from Jelena’s camp (Mainly Selena’s friend) hooked up Sofia and Justin. We told you there was the PR going on with Them and there was the business deal. We told you that Sofia is enjoying the attention she’s getting lately. We assumed that since Selena got her into Justin’s life, Sofia is reporting back to Selena with information on Justin’s life like Alfredo is, but that’s just an assumption. Yes, Selena will not rest. Why did Selena get a mutual friend to hook up together Them? To ruin what Justin originally had with Hailey because They were very serious at one point. Selena commenting whatever she did on his instagram was the planned Sofia was supposed to get Justin to post multiple photos of Them on Instagram to give Selena a reason to comment what she did. Hailey is hurt even though BOTH her and Justin agreed not to call the title on Their relationship before he went on tour, but Justin is an idiot anyways so what’s new. We Also said that Justin is getting played and watch this come back to bite him in the ass. 

Woo that was a lot to take in! 

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3.  Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fire back at each other on Instagram and Justin Exposes her.

The summed up version of Those posts is in this 3 minute video. 

Time for new info! So Earlier today, my source Told me two things. 

Justin is now Referring to Sofia the wifey. 

And Justin likes to joke about how he has a new girl every couple of weeks. 

So yeah… 

Now look, Justin is annoying and all and the much as I love dragging him, what he is doing is typical celebrity behavior. Justin likes to hoe it up and you joking about how he has a new girl every week does not bother him and he will agree with you hence him saying that. You all know my feelings on Justin and Hailey and how I believe he did her wrong regardless of agreeing not to title Their relationship. What is Justin doing the usual behavior is for the 22 year old. He was devoted to Selena and Selena only for many years at such a young age so it’s not surprising to see him like this Considering These are not the first PDA filled photos we have received of Justin. 

Sofia on the other hand is not someone you shouldnt trust and you shouldnt expect new things leaked on Justin once she’s dropped because in his words, he has the “new girl every couple of weeks.” And Sofia Also enjoys taking other girls’ men only she’ll probably have a new arm accessory. 

And like I said, Sofia is loving the attention and loves posting all of this to get more people talking about her. 

At least They Waited until she turned 18 ….. I mean he Could enjoy his new cool girl all he wants but he Suffers When another scandal, I wanna see him complaining about privacy When he lets everyone into his life Then comes and moans about it later. 

Do I think they’ll officially date? Hm ….. no. Justin is unpredictable but at the same predictable team. I do not think he’s looking for anything serious. He’s just dumb and a hoe. He sleeps around what else do you want me to say. 

As for Selena? Well her not being on Twitter Currently is because she’s trying to get away from all the negative attention even though she originally expressed it upon herself by including herself in Justin’s drama. 

But good for her I guess. I do not think she’ll be able to stay away too long though. 

To summarize:

  • Justin likes his casual fri
  • He jokes about how he has a new girl every couple of weeks
  • He’s calling Sofia wifey
  • Sofia is loving attention
  • They’re BOTH messy but typical celebrity behavior 

Messages between my source and I:

Try to ignore this because I trust drama, it does not bother anyone but you guys. 

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justin played the “attention seeking” card but like ??? you were the one posting throwback pictures ??? 2 years after you two broke up ??? and leaking a song she didn’t let you put on your album ??? and talking to the press about her ??? and posting manips of her with your merch ??? and saying you would lover her forever ??? also he wouldn’t have said shit about “loving his beliebers” if she didn’t say anything so anyway… 🐸🍵

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fire back at each other on Instagram and Justin exposes her.

Who knew Sofia Richie would bring so much drama?

Justin recently posted the following on Instagram. 

Because of his comment, Beliebers felt as if Justin hates him because he said “don’t be so mean to the people that I like.”

Justin can be an asshole, I’ll tell you that, but his comment didn’t mean “I hate my fans” and to why it translated to that to many of you, is beyond me. 

After that comment, #RIPBeliebers started trending. 

Where in his comment would you assume he hates you? I just don’t understand. 

Anways, so that drama continues and continues until Selena comments on his Instagram saying the following. 

Yes it’s real, there are many different screenshots going around. 

Justin then fires back, proving your girls right I may add.

Directly after, Selena posts the following on Instagram. 

First of all, Selena does not like Beliebers. In fact, she hates them. 8 out of 10 times when Jelena were together, either Selena was rude to fans or she made Justin be rude to them. 

Receipts? Receipts. 

How about another experience?

One more? How’s this of Selena hating the fact that Justin stopped for fans?

How about when an entire country wanted Selena dead because of how rude she was to them?

I’m going to get to the point but if you want more experiences of Selena being rude in public, check out this page:

From an inside perspective, Selena was always annoyed and jealous at Justin’s relationship with his fans. 

She didn’t think of Beliebers as ordinary fans. She thought of them as girls that Justin was cheating on her with. He would explain to her it’s part of the job, but I mean that’s like talking to a wall. At one point, she even wanted Justin to give up his career as he exposed in She Don’t Like The Lights

Do you see those lyrics? Fam it’s a cry for help. She was so beyond controlling. She Don’t Like The Lights has also other history and you can read that in our parent contract post here:


Selena commenting on that on his picture proves 1 thing and 1 thing only. Selena wants the attention. And guess what? Her comment was planned and my source actually messaged me the following before Selena even said anything. 

Also, the tea she’s talking about, I’ll get to later. 

Selena’s instagram comment was indeed planned. She doesn’t even follow Justin! She literally went and checked up on him and commented on a picture that was at the time, like 19 hours old! 

Justin’s clapback is insane and one of the best in history. 

“It’s funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way.”

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the day that Justin finally exposes Selena! Justin literally told you that she has been using him for attention and that is something we are known for telling you!

Check out the 2015 Jelena contract here:

Ya girls stay winning! 

Justin did not stutter. He told you plain and clear that Selena used him and used to blame him all the time. 

Check out the times she shaded him here:

Here’s the post on that: 

Thank god Justin exposed her for you guys because the majority would actually believe that Selena’s comment is genuine. And if you still do, you deserve to be fooled.

Why would she post that if she really cared about Justin’s fans? She is trying to pin him as some assholw who doesn’t care for his fans when that is really not the case. She is trying to say “Oh look at me, I love my fans unlike my douche ex boyfriend!” She’s such a manipulative snake. 

And if Selena cared about Beliebers so much, why did she drag their fave constantly for like three years even when he was contemplating suicide???? 

If you guys don’t see through this disgusting and transparent stunt set by her team then you deserve to be fooled!

Justin tried to warn you just like we did. 

Check out this post of all the times Selena FLEW to Justin around a time of her project releases: 

Justin literally said that Selena used him for attention and was pointing fingers at him when he was not at fault. There is NO way around this. No one cares what you have to say. You can not prove Justin wrong about his own life. And Justin got the exposingsmg team backing him up since he stays proving what we have been telling you about this crazy girl.

^ That comment is fake. 

Still think Selena’s comment about Beliebers was so genuine? Keep reading. 

Why did Selena proceed to like the following photo right after commenting what she did?

She’s like a bitter stan on twitter. We all know who’s the richer and more famous celebrity is yet if you sent her reciepts for that, she’ll probably die. How more bitter can you be? 

Selena also liked the above photo. Didn’t she recently say she didn’t want everyone relating Justin back to her? So why you liking shading photos about Justin you idiot? 

As I told you before, she keeps bringing Justin’s name into it for more relevancy:

You wanna talk about underage? Let’s talk about underage. 

Selena was over 18 in all those photos and how old was Justin? 17! Yup, the same age as Sofia Richie. 

But let’s keep talking about underage since Selena wants to talk about it. 

Selena really is over. Not only did Justin expose her for using him for attention but she really gonna act like he wasn’t the same age as Sofia when she was 18+ over and letting him grope her? Guaranteed they were under a contract then, but that’s irrelevant right now. 

Some fans were even trying to say that Justin needs attention from Selena!

HOW can the bigger star benefit off the smaller star? If Justin needs Selena’s attention, you are telling me that Selena is more famous. And if Selena is more famous, then how come Justin has outpeaked her in every single aspect of the entertainment world? Singles. Tours. Album sales. Album peaks. Album debuts. Single peaks. Single sales. Single debuts. Tour tickets. Tour gross. Movie gross. Movie debuts. Awards. Nominations. Justin is higher in every single aspect yet Justin needs HER?

Justin makes headlines for eating a sandwich and you wanna really say he needs Selena? All those times he posted photos of her on Instagram were getting HER relevancy and attention by fueling Jelena rumors something that he is also told to do. A lot of those pictures were around the time of a release as I showed you before. I actually made a thread about it tonight:

Joking about how Selena was famous before Justin is a self drag on its own. So you trying to tell me Selena was famous longer yet he is more famous and sold more records? Okay cool.

So since Justin ended Selena, her fans were shook and were like omg, exposingsmg just got proved right, let’s change the topic!

Those irrelevant rats started bringing up Justin and Kourtney Kardashian hooking up and whatnot. They proceeded to say that Justin slept with Kourtney for promotion. 

Yeah because when I want to hook up with someone for promotion, I hook up with the most irrelevant out of the family AND get spotted only one time. 

Makes sense! But hey, if Selenators were going to be irrelevant and bring up Kourtney, I’m petty and I will bring up Orlando Bloom. 

Remember when I told you that Selena and Orlando Bloom hooked up and then photos of them making out were released like 2 weeks later? And on top of that, Orlando cheated on Katy Perry with Selena? 

Full post here:

Either way, Selena and Orlando are irrelevant for tonight’s drama just like Justin and Kourtney are. 

Selenators were also mad at Justin because he defended Sofia but apparently never defended Selena. 

Uh wrong! 

Justin tweeted sometime in 2011-12 the same exact thing he posted on instagram today. He said something along the lines of “If you are my fan, you wouldn’t hate on my friends and family.” When Justin was also getting hate for hanging out with a certain group of friends, he later took to instagram and said something of around the same concept. And yet you all thought he wanted you dead for commenting what he did today


And it doesn’t get more better than when Justin said that Beliebers are just jealous of his relationship with Selena, on national television. He was on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2012 and when Oprah asked him about the hate Selena gets, Justin literally said, and I quote, “They’re just jealous it’s not them.”

You can watch the Oprah interview yourself. The point is, Justin has defended Selena. 

To be honest, Justin not defending Selena on a daily basis during their toxic relationship, is better than him defending her. You see all the hate Sofia Richie got because apparently Beliebers think Justin wanted them dead because he said don’t hate on Sofia. Selena was and is still very hated in Beliebers’ hearts and with great reason too. She’s always rude to them and was partially responsible for their fave’s downfall. The point is, if Justin even defended Selena more, she would get so much hate. Justin called Beliebers jealous of her and Beliebers went wild. Imagine if he constantly told them to stop.

Summary: Justin proved us correct and showed you all what an attention seeking person Selena really is! 

Anyways, a verified writer who wrote for Vogue magazine once, called us legendary! 

As for the Sofia and Justin drama, ignore it. My source tells me there’s an entire story behind that and I can’t wait to share it with you all. 





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