War of the pick up lines (via text)
  • W:I love you like it's my last day on earth (+1)
  • S:Ew shut up
  • W:Never
  • S:It doesn't compare to my love for you being like diarrhea. I just can't keep it in. (+1)
  • W:...the face I just made to that...LOL
  • S:Omg babe did I ever mention how your eyes are like wrenches? They make my nuts tighten. (+1)
  • W:LMFAO!!! I'm like looking around hoping people don't see my reactions.
  • S:Isn't it snowing in ott right now?
  • W:No. Sky is clear. I'm trying to figure out to say something to those comments but LOL I can't omg.
  • S:Well you better watch out...cause I'm like a snow storm. Ill give you 8-10 inches and keep you inside for the whole weekend. (+1)
  • S:Did I ever tell you though that I'm like a firefighter? I find em hot and leave them wet. While you're like a pick up takes more than one load to get the job done. (+1)
  • W:Why don't you come over here, sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up? (+1)
  • S:Oh I forgot you worked at Subway, cause you gave me a footlong. (+1)
  • W:Oh, well sex is a killer. Wanna die happy? (+1)
  • S:Did I ever tell you you're legs are like peanut butter? Smooth, creamy and easy to spread. (+1)
  • W:I'd like to squirtle over you (+1)
  • S:Babe my boxers are cotton, are your boxers felt? No? Would you like it to be? (+1)
  • W:LMAO!!!!! Omfg I fell while reading that. (-5)
  • -KNOCKOUT- [Snorlax = 7 points/Wobbuffet = -1 point]
Product> Windows, Walls, and Doors for Spatial Solutions

Product> Windows, Walls, and Doors for Spatial Solutions

(Courtesy Maars Living Walls)

Inside or out, these six systems encourage spatial efficiency in both commercial and residential settings. Innately flexible, their design allows square footage to respond to the changing demands of the user.


Maars Living Walls

Occupants of open-plan offices not infrequently yearn for the visual and acoustic shielding afforded by conventional, closed-office…

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Quando 2 corações se cruzam… nada os impedem de ficarem juntos, desde que essa seja a vontade de Deus!
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