Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – July 15, 2016 (HBO)

Bill Maher and his guests – Frank Luntz, S.E. Cupp, Jelani Cobb, Eliot Spitzer, and Viggo Mortensen – answer viewer questions after the show.

This week has become a grotesque object lesson in gun culture, one that points to a conclusion that we could have and should have drawn long ago—that the surfeit of weapons at our disposal and the corresponding fears that they induce create new hazards. There is no telling how any of these specific horrors will be resolved. But here is what we do know: we live in an age of open-source terrorism. Our inability to respond to mass shootings has meant that, eventually, even law enforcement would fall victim to one. The context of the conversation about police accountability has been irrevocably changed. Black lives matter, but reports that those words were uttered by a gunman in Dallas mean that any movement under that banner may well have met its end. And realism, in the face of tragedy, tells us that there is more ugliness in the offing.

Hey guys! We’ve got something fun planned for you this weekend!

Clayton Killinger (played by the lovely Jelani) has been scheming. We know that’s nothing new, it’s sort of his thing, but this time it’s coming together to be something fun. And huge. Did we mention fun?

We’re gonna call it another mini event. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Starting now, all SLAVES are invited to an after-hours, super secretive party hosted in the Commons. 
  • There will be music, drinks, drugs, food, and entertainment. 
  • Masters are in the dark about this event (except, of course, Bellamy. He knows everything, just tends to let things slide if he doesn’t see the harm in them.) This means that no, your master character may not join in on the fun. 
  • We’re opening this event up for the whole weekend, that way the people who cant be around tonight can join in too. But, the party is only taking place over one night in game-time. We’re just opening up the time frame to post starters for it to the whole weekend. 
  • Any slave is welcome to post a starter in the commons party, but please tag it something like event: party or something of the like, so people know what to respond to. 
  • For the masters: You’re welcome to post starters too, but they cant be in the party.
  • The official name for this mini event is Whisper Down the Lane.

I think that pretty much covers all the bases. Don’t overthink it! It’s a slave-exclusive party in the commons, that’s all! Have fun and plot away.

Party hard, Sinners.


Edited to add that we, the admins, didn’t plan ANY of this. We owe this event all to Jelani, so if yall could show him some love that would be crazy appreciated. WE LOVE YOU!