jel okay

Guys, a lot of alien languages are probably unpronounceable because they may have more muscles in their voice box so they have a different phonetic​ alphabet.

So with certain names, a human might be like ‘dude i cant even make a nickname out of your name, what does it mean’ and the alien is like 'asteriod’ and the human is like 'okay space rocks’ the human looks it up and then gives the alien the human equivalent that is easiest for them . 'from now on, i shall call you *drumroll please* … craig.’

Then you hear a giant semi-bipedal arachnid with a wolf snout and sixteen eyes awnser to the name Craig.

But the opposite may be true because some species may not have enough mucles in their voice box to make our names so jele, a small alien who resembles a dumbo octopus is like 'i cant say your name miss, just what on jepen does it mean’ and the human is like 'rocks’ and jel is like 'okay now you are neje’

So most intergalactic identity cards have several names under aliases.