jekyll island ga

Jekyll Island Marsh 04 – Jekyll Island State Park, GA, May, 14, 2014

The experience of God is the same in every time and place.

Whether it is God, Yahweh, Shiva, the Tao, Alla, or the Buddha Mind,

The experience is the same experience.

It’s doctrine that makes the difference.

Doctrine is what we do to explain experience–

To make sense of experience.

We all experience the same experience

And argue/fight over what the experience means.

The more we talk about the experience,

The farther removed from the experience we become.

Soon enough, we are talking about the fine points of doctrine,

Explaining how this doctrine can be true

In light of that doctrine.

The experience is lost in words about words.

When we lay the words aside

And live out of the experience alone,

The world is better for it.

We should be working, not to make disciples,

But to re-experience the experience,

And suggest ways for others to experience the experience.

Where would you go to experience the transcendence of God?

What would you do?

Go there, do that.


Let the wonder of the experience

Show forth in your life.