Modern Hiccup RP: jekel-and-hyde and berks-dragon-trainer

“Hiccup! Get up for school!”

Hiccup’s eyelids forced themselves open as Hiccup let out a disgusted groan. School. The word he hated almost as much as the word ‘alone’.
He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. He looked out the window at the sunrise, pondering why school always has to start so early. He sighed as he got up, he was feeling stiff today. 
He got dressed and ambled down the stairs into the kitchen, where Stoick made him toast with strawberry jam. He sat down on the kitchen stool and took a bite of his food. Burnt, again.
He choked the piece that was in his mouth down his throat before asking his father for milk. Stoick poured him a glass and put his elbows on the table, cupping his face in his hands as he looked at his son.

“You don’t HAVE to go to school today Hiccup, I’d completely understand.”

Hiccup had enough of his dad babying him. He set his milk down to talk to his dad. “Dad just because mom died two weeks ago today, doesn’t mean I can’t go to school.” He said sternly with a bit if annoyance in his voice. Stoick sighed. “…I know son.” He said as his eyes got glossy, trying not to cry. 
‘Oh god not the tears again..’Hiccup thought. He hated seeing his dad cry, and he’s seen a lot of it lately, but he just wasn’t in the mood for anything today. “Dad I’ll be fine. You have your wedding ring on and I have hers on my necklace.” He lifted up his dog tags to show his dad that he did indeed have his mother’s wedding ring with him. “See? I’ll be okay dad.” He said.
Stoick looked at Hiccup with sadness in the old man’s eyes. He gave out a sigh and a weak, half smile at to Hiccup. “I just feel alone, you know?” Stoick said as his lower lip trembled. “Dad, come on…” Hiccup said as he got off the stool and walked around the counter, giving his dad a hug. “I know dad…I feel alone too..but we have to tough this out and learn to carry on without her…” He said as he began to get that annoying lump in his throat that he always gets when he tries not to cry. He let go of his dad and wiped a tear from the old man’s face. “It’ll be go back to bed. I gotta catch my bus.” Hiccup said reluctantly. His father nodded, bringing his son into a tight embrace. “I love you, Hiccup..” He said before breaking down in his son’s arms. Hiccup sighed. “I love you too dad, but I have to go. Text me if you want to talk, all my teachers know what’s been going on with us so I won’t get it taken away.” 
Stoick let go of Hiccup and nodded. As Hiccup was about to head out the front door, he heard Stoick say something to him. “Try to make it through the day..okay?” His father asked. “I’ll try. You too dad..” And with that, he shut the door and headed for the bus stop. Hiccup looked up to the sky as it began to snow. “Off to Purgatory…..Why me..?” He said sadly, letting a single fear fall from his left cheek and onto the concrete.

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Problem is that there are so many I was only able to get two. The first big one I ever did for this blog since it was SO LONG, and the most recent one with Jack Flame. Debating whether or not to do the ones I did with people like jekel-and-hyde or hallowviennaandjack since the rp’s with people like those were pretty long and drawn out. Also a few small rp’s with a teenage Jamie blog, but those were shorter, but there were more of them…dangit all MANAGING AN RP BLOG IS HARD!!!

Valentine Ball 2013

It was a brisk winter evening when a knock arrived on Beth’s door. Beth’s mom opened it to see a young man who couldn’t be over the age of 17. He had light brown hair with a red tint that framed his face, stopping at his chin. His eyes were like emerald diamonds that shone dazzlingly bright in the sunset’s light. His skin was fair with a generous amount of freckles, obvious saw he had quite a bit of Irish heritage in his family tree. He was tall and skinny, in a crisp, black tuxedo. He had in his hands an expensive bouquet of white and red roses. Behind him was a limo that stretched as far as the width of Beth’s house. It was clear that this boy went above and beyond for the event that him and Beth would attend later in the evening. With a gentle smile, he spoke. “Good evening ma’am, I’m Hiccup, I’m here to pick up your daughter for the Valentine Ball.”

Pitch's Lair

I managed to peel my eyelids from each other as the monster towered over me. I could feel him breathing, plotting what he’ll do next…or how to dispose of me. I can’t move much, even if I wanted to. Without taking the fact that Pitch hasn’t fed or given me a drop of water for three days now, these chains around my wrists that bound me to the ground felt like I was trying to lift three hundred barrels with my scrawny arms. If only I weighed more than 90 pounds….
Breathing was….complicated to say the least. His nightmares have been giving me random, daily which I would have to beg Pitch not to have them kill me. Looking back, I’d rather be dead. My mouth is still bleeding from the beating that I endured just over twenty minutes ago, staining my entire collar area of my olive tunic. My clothes are quite scuffed and tattered as well as my body. Both my legs were forcibly broken by Pitch’s hands when I tried to escape, my collarbone is fractured, and I can’t even begin to count how many gashes, bruises and tiny scratches I have. The fact that I haven’t already bled to death comes as a mystery to me.
Pitch walked around the cage and kneeled at my back, whispering in my ear. “Good morning, Pet. I hope my nightmares treated you well this morning….” I flinched. He creeped me out to say the least. There’s just something about his voice that is unnerving, that makes me wonder if he’s going to kill me or take advantage of me….Either way, I never liked it from the start.
I sighed, and it hurt my ribs. I had a few broken ones, I was sure of it. I begged him to let me go, or at least feed me…He said no. No surprise.
“Can you at least tell me why you’re holding me as your prisoner?” I asked desperately. His hands crept through the bars and rested on my shoulders, causing me to whimper. “Now if I tell you, it wouldn’t be fun anymore now would it, Pet?” He sneered evilly. My anger began to flare then. “You do realize that you’re not going to get away with this, or break me for that matter!” I yelled in my own defense. He cackled, a laugh that made my stomach drop to my knees. I was scared.
“Oh I’ll never get away with it! I’m never going to break Berk’s greatest hero! Blah blah blah!!” He said, mocking me as he got up and walked to the front of my prison, to where I had no choice but to look at him. “You do realize that if anyone cared enough, they would’ve already found you? It’s been three days Hiccup! Three! Nobody gives a damn about you!” He snapped. He raised his voice as I sat there, defenseless to anything he had planned up his sleeve. “Won’t anyone save poor Hiccup?!?!?!” He yelled into the air. Getting no response within the two seconds after he shouted, he laughed to himself. “See? What did I tell you…”