Lynn enfermera lista para cuidar a su hermanito preferido, nueva tira digitalziada, si concoen esta ya vieron el boceto antes, ya sabran cual escena seguira a color jeje

Lynn nurse ready to take care of her favorite little brother, new strip digitalziada, if they conquer this already saw the sketch before, you will know which scene will follow to color jeje

To celebrate Wooyoung’s 2014 Birthday, we –Wooyoung’s international fans– want to make a difference yet still create impacts for not just Wooyoung but societies as well. “This is Love” is a charity project collaboration of Wooyoung’s various fansites and fangroups in many countries. “This is Love” project this year is hosted by Only-Woo!, BesideWooyoung, JangwooyoungID, JangwooyoungPH, MYHottest2PM, Wooyounghome, Wooworld, 2PMHottest Vietnam and Woorld. We will be performing numerous charity activities in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and the U.S.

If your country is not listed in the representative list, but you would like to buy goods or donate to “This is Love” project, please mention us @thisislove_0430, we will work with you. Other local fangroups are welcome to participate, please talk to us if interested ^0^

Funds are raised through goods sales and donation supports from fans all over the world. Each country has set a goal but we welcome all sales and donations, as much as we can to contribute more to the foundations.

Above all, “This is Love” group would like to express our special thanks to fan artists from different countries who allow us to use their pictures and artworks as part of this meaningful fundraising.Our gratitude towards

@wooyoungcolor (Korea) @danger_0430 (Korea) @float0430 (Japan) @jejelynn (Indonesia) Also thanks to all our staff who help to make a difference. Finally we wish for a lot of your supports to create a meaningful birthday event for Wooyoung. Please help spread the words and bring in more love. Because Sharing is Caring! Because This is Love!