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Requested via dA :)

Next in line:

1. A pokemon who is the subject of many, many, perverted memes (especially when paired with another pokemon)

2. First in a series of pokemon whose final evolution simply does not look like the first two evolutions.

3. A very funny pokemon (according to one of the gym leaders)

Who should I draw next? :D


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A Wild Pokemon Appeared!

#134 Vaporeon

I am in such a good mood today! ^-^ A lot of amazing things have been happening lately, and because of that I’m gonna release this Pokemon early xD 

Here’s vaporeon xD This is drawn after my friend, who I’m sure is a vaporeon (but just can’t tell the world her secret) xD Not sure if my friends can guess who she is, but she knows she’s this vaporeon xD

Have a great day!

PS: Sorry for the horrible water rendering xD I’m still bad at it and still trying to learn HAHA


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HAUNTER: Wild Haunter

Okay, story behind this one is that it really started out as haunter, then I changed it to gengar, then I thought it looked like gastly, then later on I said it was haunter. =__= so there. 

Who should I draw next? :D


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 #142 Aerodactyl

Here’s a late Valentine’s Day treat for everyone! XD
Aerodactyl was supposed to be an old man (because… fossil. idk xD) But it ended up to be this younger dude with weird hair O_O I tried making the hair just one pointy thing at the top but then it looked like onion (especially with the color xD)

Then I realized that this was fine. I’ll just create an AU in my head where this and Charizard has this thing going on (based on the episode where aerodactyl took Ash and charmeleon evolved into a charizard to save Ash, idk again xD HAHA)

Anyway, have a nice day! ^-^

I’ll be uploading one more within the day! xD

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This is a commission for ShadowRiverlark in deviantart It’s their OC Mana Colette! ^-^

To be honest I was a bit hesitant at first. Because when I work with purple, it turns into a disaster XDD (I love purple though).

Plus I rarely do shiny girly things xD Well, I work with chibi but, none of them look like this xD 

But it turned out to be great practice for a lot of things (dark skin color, weird highlights and shading, and the eyeeeeesssss), and I notice how my style keeps changing after every drawing xD I guess I still haven’t found a style I’m comfortable with, but anyway, it still turned out nicely xD

Hope you guys enjoy this! ^-^