I started Woodburning again

Most of you guys don’t know that I also tried woodburning month ago ^^
I never really learned it, but today i really want to do it again, and so i just did some quick ‘charms’ to get the “feeling” again :’D
Look at them, it’s not the best but i am only a beginner :D

I love it….. about 700-900°C are only few milimeters away from your fingers…
So risky, so hot… and sooo difficult… if you do a mistake… you cannot fix it anymore… there is no way back! Everything has to be perfectly correct, otherwise it looks like the pics above ^^


It`s cold… I`m bored… I have assignments… and a pile of requests that I should be working on. You know what that means— It`s time to do things unrelated to that!!! This time I did some…really…simple… weird gifs. xDDDD

Servamp things that moves!

me just kidding, but ya know me xDDD