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Reconnections | Becca x MC (Jey)

Heya, this is my first ever (and late, might I add) entry to Choices Creates, with the prompt “Reunited.” Thanks to @captainsugarcakes and @holly-park for hosting!

Rating: T (It’s got a few swears. Like, three.)

Pairing: Becca x MC

Word Count: 1970

Summary: Becca meets a former love. In the middle of the city. Under the rain. Heh.

Hope you enjoy!

Of course it rained just when she decided not to take her umbrella with her. Why was the weather always so stupidly unexpected? That morning it was scorching hot, and now her clothes were so dampened, her coat and a handbag over her head doing little to shield herself from the downpour.

Becca tried to hail what seemed like the fifth cab that night, growling in frustration when she got ignored once again and got sprayed by murky water as the cab drove through a puddle, roaring past her.

Her hands leapt in exasperation. “Oh, for the love of g—“


Becca stopped dead in her tracks. That voice—she would’ve recognized it anywhere. It belonged to the woman who haunted her dreams at night, keeping her awake for the next few months after they broke up. She slowly turned around when she heard lithe footsteps approach her, her heart beating erratically in her chest.

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“I hope you wouldn’t mind if I can have your Heart?”

mribnlaahad. Here’s some BushMedicine?( ̄▽ ̄) It’s a weird ship name… like a medicine for Bush. Wat. Ahahaha.


I wasn’t really planning to reply to this, knowing how silly the content of the message is but…

Aren’t we all sinners here??? Ahahaha, I am a multi-shipper (who mains on Genji btw) and I’ll draw what I want. May it be on the Shimadacest, McGenji, McHanzo or the McHanji tag…

Anyways, who doesn’t want more content of your OTP or OT3? Seriously?


yukari-onn and kandarainbowsoul. Two for the OTP SpyXSniper! Thank you!♪ (In case anyone wants to send other ships. Let me remind everyone that I multi-ship and may technically try and ship not just my OTP.)

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nb-genji  asked:

god, the sniper hates him. The spy is cloaked, and god, theyre in the middle of a battle. His hands are wandering, whispering things to him that are making him blush and take in sharp breaths. And then, a challenge. Kill all of his teammates once and he'll be rewarded later. He begins nibbling at his neck and kisses his way down, and the the sniper has to keep it together. He tries to quiet the groan at the back of his throat as he looks down the scope. He hated the spy. But god, he loved him.

I hope you won’t mind if I post this? Cause OMFG I rarely get to ask for ficlets and actually get one?(//∇//)

Thank you so very much! Hnnnnngh I need more SpyXSniper!♥


Assassin’s Creed. GreenteaIcecream Wedding!!!

Whoever this Anon was… Thank you!!!♥ I know it’s a simple prompt, but I was too excited to draw them like this.

And yes, Icey’s forever the beautiful blushing bride.♥

Send me a character and an emoji icon

Requested by woozy-tibba

Isn’t a devilish Medic a dafault look on him?xD Devil horns and tail most likely drawn by Scout

I haven’t really drawn a proper Medic. All of them had been like… chibis with his Heavy.(^_^;) Anyways, I always look forward to drawing those eyebrows.♪

“You just make things so hard sometimes.” (Becca x MC -Jey-)

Hey, guys. This is the first fic I have ever written. Ever. In my entire life. It’s a bit lengthy too, so I’m sorry if it bores you or if it’s not up to your guys’ standards. Hope you guys like it though. AND PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK :( I wanna know how I can improve my writing. Thanks guys. *I forgot to add* This is also my entry for the Play Choices Femslash Week, hosted by @hanaslee (which just ended HAHAHA but here’s a late submission anyway.)

It had been so boring today. Classes were bleak, the professors just droning on and on about whatever uninteresting topic they were talking about. Having no one to rant to about this also wasn’t helping, and Becca somewhat found herself missing Madison’s company.

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Quiet Desperations - Part One | Becca x MC (Jey)

Becca was so terrible in this week’s chapter so here’s something to lighten people’s moods… Kind of…

The subtle sheen of the moonlight peeked through the curtains, illuminating the darkened room. Rain could be heard gently pattering against the window, casting shadows of the raindrops and engulfing the room in a lulling hum, occasionally punctuated by the low rumbling of thunder. It was one of those nights again–those beautiful, wonderful, pleasurable nights—and the two lovers found themselves together in a tangle of limbs, bare skin against bare skin, hair splayed, and lips melded together after yet another exhilarating night of lovemaking.

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