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“I hope you wouldn’t mind if I can have your Heart?”

mribnlaahad. Here’s some BushMedicine?( ̄▽ ̄) It’s a weird ship name… like a medicine for Bush. Wat. Ahahaha.


I wasn’t really planning to reply to this, knowing how silly the content of the message is but…

Aren’t we all sinners here??? Ahahaha, I am a multi-shipper (who mains on Genji btw) and I’ll draw what I want. May it be on the Shimadacest, McGenji, McHanzo or the McHanji tag…

Anyways, who doesn’t want more content of your OTP or OT3? Seriously?

nb-genji  asked:

god, the sniper hates him. The spy is cloaked, and god, theyre in the middle of a battle. His hands are wandering, whispering things to him that are making him blush and take in sharp breaths. And then, a challenge. Kill all of his teammates once and he'll be rewarded later. He begins nibbling at his neck and kisses his way down, and the the sniper has to keep it together. He tries to quiet the groan at the back of his throat as he looks down the scope. He hated the spy. But god, he loved him.

I hope you won’t mind if I post this? Cause OMFG I rarely get to ask for ficlets and actually get one?(//∇//)

Thank you so very much! Hnnnnngh I need more SpyXSniper!♥


yukari-onn and kandarainbowsoul. Two for the OTP SpyXSniper! Thank you!♪ (In case anyone wants to send other ships. Let me remind everyone that I multi-ship and may technically try and ship not just my OTP.)

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Assassin’s Creed. GreenteaIcecream Wedding!!!

Whoever this Anon was… Thank you!!!♥ I know it’s a simple prompt, but I was too excited to draw them like this.

And yes, Icey’s forever the beautiful blushing bride.♥

Send me a character and an emoji icon

Requested by woozy-tibba

Isn’t a devilish Medic a dafault look on him?xD Devil horns and tail most likely drawn by Scout

I haven’t really drawn a proper Medic. All of them had been like… chibis with his Heavy.(^_^;) Anyways, I always look forward to drawing those eyebrows.♪