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“I hope you wouldn’t mind if I can have your Heart?”

mribnlaahad. Here’s some BushMedicine?( ̄▽ ̄) It’s a weird ship name… like a medicine for Bush. Wat. Ahahaha.


I wasn’t really planning to reply to this, knowing how silly the content of the message is but…

Aren’t we all sinners here??? Ahahaha, I am a multi-shipper (who mains on Genji btw) and I’ll draw what I want. May it be on the Shimadacest, McGenji, McHanzo or the McHanji tag…

Anyways, who doesn’t want more content of your OTP or OT3? Seriously?

For the Palette meme…
melonroll: Hmm… how about Ace + #1 for the palette meme?

Since I already got an Ace request before, I’m drawing him Chibi this time.♥

Now, I’m really amazed with the art of the other people who’re doing this meme… since I suck at coloring, HOW DO YOU COLOR WITHOUT THE LINES??? I WANNA TRY THAT TOO.(´△`) *no color sense*

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It didn't really matter, sometimes, that they were from Kai and Oushuu respectively, that one was a general and another a lord. These were important facts, they knew, but they were young, and these weren't details that they wanted to bother with. Because when they were seated under the tree, leaning against each other, they were Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune. They weren't the One Eyed Dragon of Oushuu, nor the Tiger Cub of Kai. They were seventeen and in love and it didn't really matter.

Aaah! A DateSana ficlet got lost in my inbox!Σ(゚ロ゚;) It’s beautiful!♥

Thank you, your-kaminess!♥

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Why do you keep on drawing for fanfics and taking over posts?

I’m not sure if anon is upset or what. I hope not…


I love reading other peoples work and get inspired easily. I usually have trouble getting my priorities straight (what to draw and stuff like that, cause I get A LOT of ideas) so when this fanfic or something sparks my inspiration, I work on it right away.

I… don’t really express myself much with writing. I suck at that. So I let my drawings do the talking for me, it’s like, “Hey, your fanfic/infromation was great! Here’s my ‘thanks’ for a great and memorable read!♡”

Inspiration obviously drives me. I can’t draw without it.

Sooo if anyone’s bothered/annoyed/whatever when I hijack or draw arts on your very own fic or post, do tell me and I’ll stop it right away.m(_ _)m

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Sengoku Basara or Sengoku Musou???

I love them both very much. And no one can make me choose. Though I am very thankful of SB for starting my love for these kinds of games (I was more into RPGs). Anyways, I’m even listening to Musou!Yukimura’s 2nd image song ‘Seimei no Taka’ while drawing SB stuff… so yeah, my Basara inspiration complements my Musou inspiration and the other way around.♥

Aaand guess who’re the ones making these games quite enjoyable for me. Yeah, random I know. I just wanted to draw DateSana.♥