jei art


How are you, Eleanor? You doing okay?

She smiled back, right then and there. I am now, Rokurou. Thank you.

From @zarahjoyce’s fic Spiral Hail - Yawn

Something happy with this ship once in a while is nice until my headcanon LoC!Rokurou happens, that is. |||orz

Anyways… enjoy?(; ゚゚)♥

MORE JEI NONSENSE because I am total SW OC trash these days and pretty much all I do while not having my head eaten by school is draw and write fic of these space losers.

These are all just loose and unfinished BUT I consider them varying degrees of successful maybe? Upper left is Jei in her ADORABLE FLIGHT SUIT, getting ready to slay stormtroopers, as you do. Upper right is attempting to pass herself off as an Imperial officer and doing a reasonably decent job until the very end when she kind of blew it, leading to Serious Injury (lower right). And gratuitous face smoosh with Zek on the left, because I could.



◟(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ in bandalland, happiness = poop ◟( ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑๑)◞


I wasn’t really planning to reply to this, knowing how silly the content of the message is but…

Aren’t we all sinners here??? Ahahaha, I am a multi-shipper (who mains on Genji btw) and I’ll draw what I want. May it be on the Shimadacest, McGenji, McHanzo or the McHanji tag…

Anyways, who doesn’t want more content of your OTP or OT3? Seriously?

Here’s to the character who should’ve been my favourite character, Mettaton, cause he’s got my favourite hairstyle and even the colour violet! I definitely have an answer as to WHY he wasn’t my fave but it’s not for everyone’s ears xD

Anyways, here’s also Hapstablook getting a kiss from his crush, Underswap Papyrus (can also be my Brokenswap Papyrus)… cause I am a sucker for… Papyton… |||orz


Assassin’s Creed. Altaïr’s New Hoodie

Novice Today…
… Master Assassin Tomorrow

I saw a shirt like that a few days ago at work. Uhh… the actual one wrote ‘Expert’ and not ‘Master Assassin’, but I went with it anyways.♥

I just want to draw the Altaïr, Malik and the new hoodie.♪