I’m sick of people calling me ‘homophobic’. For starters - Yes, I don’t agree with gay marriage because I follow the principles from the Bible and the Bible describes it as ‘sexually immoral’ I am Christian therefore I don’t agree with it but this does not mean I’m homophobic. The definition of ‘homophobic’ is “To hate or prejudice homosexual people.” And to get this straight I DO NOT HATE OR PREJUDICE THEM, if they want to be gay then it’s their choice, not mine and I don’t hate them at all,, I’m actually friends with a few bisexuals. Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean you don’t like the person who does it, for example I don’t like smoking, this does not mean I don’t like family and friends who smoke. Just had to clear that up because people have been calling me disgusting and obnoxious, ignorant and vile, then they have started mocking my beliefs.

Compare the difference when referring to people who want to join Jehovah's Witnesses, with those that leave:

“No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family.” Awake! 2009 Jul p.29
“Do not look for excuses to associate with a disfellowshipped family member, for example, through e-mail.” Watchtower Study Edition 2013 Jan 15 p.16

"You'll never be happy in 'The World'"

Growing up as a jw you’re told on almost a daily basis that no one that leaves the bOrg will ever truly be happy. It’s total bullshit, and I know that. But honestly, their voices saying those words are just echoing in my head lately. It’s been a struggle getting on my feet since I ran away years ago and although I’ve made a lot of progress and am almost there…things are just really hard right now. So to all of my fellow exjws struggling right now, stay strong. You’re not alone.

A guide to the World: stories and advice from your fellow ex jws

I have set out on a new goal to create a guide for new ex jws on integration into the world but I need help. Please, if you have any stories or advice that you want to share please submit!

I’m going to post all submissions as I receive them and keep usernames (unless asked to remain anonymous) to give credit to everyone.

The guide will consist of:

- guides to holidays (hopefully this will include cultural traditions)

- socialization tips

- dealing with family shunning and trying to bring you back

- reaching out (be it to the ex jw community, mental health professionals, or just how to make friends with classmates/coworkers)

- experiences on leaving/different ways to leave

- information for questioning jws

- being ok with your sexuality

- things we weren’t taught about life because we were told it was going to end when we were kids

- sources for research or rebuttals

(This list is still an idea and may change)

After I have gotten enough information and experiences I hope to create an e-book of sorts that any exjw or questioning jw can access so please submit! If you have any other ideas or recommendations please let me know!

An apostate ❤

Any Ex-JW's, Disfellowshipped, or Disassociated...

Please follow, message, tag, or vent to me in whatever way you would like.

I feel that it’s extremely important that we support each other and help each other because what we went through is abuse. Brainwashing. Emotional blackmail. Please never hesitate to reach out to me. You are important, loved, and beautiful!

I think I just took a Jehovahs Witness for a bit of a ride.

She came at the door and wanted to talk to me about why the world is as it is. Asked me if I ever wondered. I told her that the universe is a cold, uncaring, chaotic void.

So that threw her off but she got onto the whole God thing and I asked if she was quoting from the old or new testament and it turns out she was quoting from the old. Now, the Old Testament had always puzzled me. A book, or set of scriptures detailing how a benevolent God kicked the first two humans out of Eden for eating fruit he probably should have made harder to get, drowned a bunch of people for not having faith, and more, always seemed kind of strange.

So I asked her about the Noah’s Ark story and apparently, I did have a point on the surface. But she got out her bible again and showed me the passages and explained it to me. It still seemed that God drowned people who didn’t believe in him.

So she started explaining the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to me. Jesus rode up basically going “Hey, if I was King we’d have all this cool shit and there’d be no fig trees” before the Romans nailed him to a cross. And then in 1914, the other three arrived to start their reign of war, famine, disease, and death.

I asked if she thought the Three remaining horsemen (and Death since they don’t have a horse) had influenced Governmental actions to allow them to start their reign.

I think we both got a bit confused but we both agreed that governments would turn against each other and things would fall into chaos and the Horsemen would have a fun time.

This is where we disagreed. I suggested that if Governments turning against each other was a bad thing that would inevitably happen in the current global climate then perhaps we should consider a global uprising against the upper classes and the 1% to stop this from happening.

Apparently this is against what Jehovah’s witnesses believe, and instead we should let the world crumble and a belief in God would resurrect us in the afterlife to the place where Jesus is in charge and, I presume, there are no figs.

We both agreed again that we had reached an impasse that neither would move from. I decided that, as I had been civil and polite to that point, that I was on the verge of moving into dickish territory and accepted the paper booklet thing she was offering and let her on her way.

I think she was expecting to be brushed off though from the very start since she seemed surprised when I spoke to her. Yes, we both disagreed on some things but  at the end of the day, both her and I are probably going to do very little about the horsemen.