while i wait here in school and die because of a teacher’s meeting, here are some interesting facts on one of the best female artists ever:

  1. frida kahlo has painted 143 paintings- 55 of which are self portraits
  2. she was born in mexico city, mexico in 1907
  3. after getting into a bus accident when she was fifteen, she took up painting
  4. kahlo was also interested in politics
  5. monkeys were often depicted in her paintings but not to symbolize lust (as they usually did) but to exhibit tenderness and protectiveness.
  6. she married diego rivera
  7. frida died in 1954 at the age of 43

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cutie of the week award goes to :::::: matty healy!

matt is the lead singer of a (what spotify calls them) pop-inspired indie band. the band sings about love and lust, about fear and usual teenage struggles. their somewhat refined sound is based on catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. the 1975 writes their own stuff and does their own instrumentals (unlike many bands today). as of now, they’re on their american tour, roping in lovers of the arctics monkeys, bastille, and san cisco. the difference, in my opinion, from these previously mentioned bands is their jovial approach to sound. it’s the light tunes that make you want to sway along with the well pronounced backbeats. oh, and the fact that matty is pretty damn gorgeous.

 - Death or dying in dreams represents often a new beginning as a part of something has died and the new will soon replace it. An example of this is the ending of a romantic relationship which leads to meeting someone who eclipses the last lover.

CHASE - Being chased or corned by something in a dream signifies avoidance of a task or mission. It can also show close-mindedness and resistance from change. This can be represented by an assignment who’s due date is approaching but you are nowhere close to finishing it.

FALLING - Falling in your dreams suggests loss of control, recklessness or insecurity. A real life illustration of events that can cause this dream are overwhelming duties at home or in your workplace.

NAKED - Dreams where you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten to wear clothes can classify yourself as fear of exposure or insecure. This may be due to the fact that you’re hiding something from someone.

TEST - If you’re taking a test in your dream it can reveal that you’re unprepared, that you have a lack of confidence or a fear of failing. Just like a Chase dream, procrastination is a common factor to these dreams.

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