katexcelsors  asked:

is there a cheat sheet for the basics of les amis like?? the ships, the characterizations, the headcanons? i mean i've read les mis quite a few times but i need help w the expansion the fandom has brought to life. help

Disclaimer : I’m compiling the general fanon and what comes back the most on my dash, so it’s mostly Modern AU. If I’ve understood your question well, it seems to be what you’re asking for, since you know the canon. You are free to add those headcanons to your own or not, we all experience a fandom differently. Same goes for ships, there are no such thing as “more important” or “mor valid” ships. We’re literally gushing over fictional dead people, and we’re all equal when we’re dead, as Gavroche would say. Keep in mind that you can ship whatever you like. Also, I’ve listed some ships but they are not all the ships out there, this isn’t meant to be exhaustive, they are just the ships that come back often. This is the broad outline, the characters are of course more complex once you get into it. That being said :

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