this e 3 they announce that they’re Killing mario today. reggie rolls out mario who is bound to a stretcher and the crowd goes wild as he raises a zweihander. mario is screaming but it’s drowned out by the crowd. “mama mia!” he screams, as he is cleaved to bits

e3 2017

“Now i know all of you are excited to see what us at nintendo are bringing to present today… well, You’re in for a real treat. This plumber’s about to face his last goomba!”
*Reggie rolls out a screaming mario on a stretcher as the crowd goes wild*
“Mama mia indeed!”
*reggie lifts up his zweihander*

ultimate good plan

1. create main blog with followers
2. create a side blog and make some posts on it
3. reblog all of your main blogs posts to that blog with your witty comments to make it look like you have friends