yesterday my first table at work was 4 complete shitholes who yelled at me twice before i even took their food order and almost made me cry. before they ate, they all bowed their heads to pray.

so on the top of their receipt i wrote “hebrews 13:2″ and they went WILD. they LOVED IT. they tipped me over 20% for my “education fund”.

hebrews 13:2 is “do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”, and i really hope they got home and looked it up and realized that i am, in fact, a petty fucking bitch

guys, shit’s already going down

noora’s relationship is going poorly and we see sana wanting to do something about it and the clip ends with the noise of a kettle whistling signalling imminent danger

noora was the first event in the chain reaction caused by sana in the trailer

shit’s going down already

little bad memory things :)
  • not knowing if you said something out loud or if you only thought it
  • “did i already ask you that?”
  • “what did you say”
  • raising your hand and putting it down multiple times in class because you can’t remember your question/comment
  • pausing in the middle of simple tasks because you can’t remember what you’re doing
  • “where is my [object i had in my hands literally 30 seconds ago]?”
  • not knowing someone’s name even though it’s the 5th time you’ve met them
  • rereading/rewatching books/movies because you can’t remember basic plot details
  • forgetting to look at the list of things you need to remember
  • forgetting the end of your sentence before you even start it/trailing off
Compliments in Norwegian that isn't about physical appearance

1. Du er snill - You are kind

2. Du er morsom - You are funny

3. Du er sterk - You are strong

4. Du er smart - You are smart

5. Du inspirerer meg - You inspire me

6. Du er så forståelsefull - You are so understanding

7. Du betyr mye for meg - You matter a lot to me

8. Du inspirerer meg til å bli et bedre menneske - You inspire me to become a better person

9. Du har et varmt og godt hjerte -You have a warm and good heart

10. Du har god smak - You have good taste

11. Du er modig - You are brave

12. Du er imponerende - You are impressive

13. Du lyser opp rommet - You light up the room

14. Du har en fantastisk latter - You have an amazing laughter

15. Du gjør en forskjell - You are making a difference

16. Stemmen din er betryggende - Your voice is calming

17. Smilet ditt er smittende - Your smile is contagious

18. Lidenskapen din er smittende - Your passion is contagious

19. Jeg skulle ønske flere var som deg - I wish more people were like you

20. Jeg liker stemmen din - I like your voice

21. Jeg er stolt av deg - I am proud of you

22. Jeg blir så glad når jeg er med deg - I get so happy when Im with you

23. Jeg blir glad når jeg tenker på deg - I become happy when I think of you

24. Jeg koser meg alltid med deg - I always have a good time when Im with you

Love Vocabulary in Norwegian

Kjærlighet - Love

Jeg forguder deg - I adore you (lit. I worship you)

Jeg elsker deg - I love you

Jeg er glad i deg - I love you

Jeg trenger deg - I need you

Jeg savner deg - I miss you

Jeg vil ha deg nå - I want you now

Jeg vil ha deg - I want you

Du er bare min - You are only mine

Jeg tenker på deg hele tiden - You are on my mind all the time

Kjæreste - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Kyss - Kiss

Suss - Kiss

Nuss - Kiss

Gi meg et suss - Give me a kiss

Mamma kysset nissen - Mom kissed santa claus

Du er min eneste - You are my only one

Å gå ut med - To date/hang out with (lit. to go out with)

Å flørte - To flirt

Han flørte med henne - He flirted with her

Klem - Hug

Han gav meg et kyss på kinnet - He gave me a kiss on the cheek

Tungekiss (lit. Tongue kiss) - French kiss

Han kysset meg! - He kissed me!

Et lidenskapelig kyss - A passionate kiss

Et kyss - A kiss

Gi/Få - Give/Receive

Han ga henne en rose - He gave her a rose

Jeg har aldri elsket henne - I have never loved her

Jeg har aldri elsket med henne - I have never made love to (had sex with) her

Å forelske seg - To fall in love

Å bli glad i - To become fond of (to start to love/care about)

 Å falle for - To fall for

Jeg faller for deg - Im falling for you (Im falling in love with you)

Elske sin neste - Love one’s neighbor

Å kline - To make out

Å kile - To tickle

Du er min hjerteknuser - You are my heartbreaker

Hun er litt av en hjerteknuser - She break lots of hearts

Jeg elsker deg av hele mitt hjerte - I love you with all of my heart

Du har et hjerte av stein - You have a heart made of stone

Hjertet mitt slår for deg - My heart is beating for you

Du er hjerteløs - You are heartless/callous

Du varmer hjertet mitt - You are warming my heart

Hun har et godt hjerte - She has a good heart

Hjertesorg - Heartbreak

Hva har du på hjertet? (“hva har du lyst til å snakke med meg om?”) - What’s on your mind? (“what do you want to talk to me about?”)

Å ikke ha hjerte til (“ikke klare å gjøre (på grunn av medfølelse)”) - To not have the heart to ("be unable (because of compassion)”)

“Hjerte” rimer på “smerte” - Heart rhymes with pain (in Norwegian)

Jeg stoler på deg - I trust you

Jeg liker deg - I like you

Du har et vakkert smil - You have a beautiful smile

Øynene dine glitrer - Your eyes sparkle

Så lenge jeg er med deg, så er jeg glad - As long as I am with you, (then) Im happy

Kjærlighet på pinne -Lollipop

Du betyr så mye for meg - You mean so much to me

Du er søt - You are cute

Jeg lengter etter deg - I long for you

Kjælenavn på norsk/Endearments in Norwegian

Du er jenta mi - You are my girl

Jenta mi - Baby girl

Du er gutten min - You are my boy

Gutten min - (I would use “gutten min” as we in English use “Babe”)

Min eneste - My only one

Min elskede - My beloved

Min dyrebare - My precious

Elskling - Darling

Min kjære - My dear

Kjære - Dear/Love

Søta (to girls only) - Cutie

Søten (to boys) - Cutie

Min skatt - My treasure

Skatt - Treasure

Vennen min - my friend

Snuppa - Babe

Min bedre halvdel - My better half

Kjekken - (mr) Handsome

Hønemor - Overprotective (mother). But also used to women/girls who are cleaning/washing/taking much care of other people and is stressed and worry about her “kids”. 

Lillemor - (lit. Little mother). This is sometimes said to the one amongst friends and in families who cleans, wash, remembers to bring food etc. Its an endearment.

Pusen - My kitten

Pus - Kitten

Godgutten min - My good boy

Engel - Angel

Engelen min - My angel

Prinsessa mi - My princess

Prinsen min - My prince

Søtnoms - Cutiepie (I dont think English has a word for this)

Lykketrollet - Lucky charmer

Månestråle - My moonbeam

Honningblomst - Honey flower. Min honningblomst - My honey flower

Gudinna mi - My Goddess

Godbiten - My good treat

Pusekatt - Pussycat (My delicate flower :P)

Gullet - Lit. The gold. We say it as “gullet mitt” and alone “gullet”. Used as my most precious. 

min lille due - My little dove

Hjertet mitt - My heart

Godjenta mi - My good girl

Min skjønneste - My most beautiful

Følelser på norsk. Feelings in Norwegian.

Jeg er glad - I am happy.

Jeg gleder meg - I am excited.

Jeg er forelsket - I am in love.

Jeg har forelsket meg - I have fallen in love (with someone or something).

Jeg er takknemlig - I am thankful/grateful.

Jeg er overrasket - I am surprised.

Jeg er engasjert - I am engaged. (not marriage related!). In Norwegian an engaged person is someone who is passionately and care. Usually you can tell by their face & by how fast they speak, that this is a person who is engaged in this/these topics. And some people are just programmed this way - they care about a lot of topics & they are very engasjert.

Jeg er stolt - I am proud.

Jeg er fasinert - I am facinated.

Jeg har en god/dårlig følelse - I have a good/bad feeling.

Jeg er sikker/usikker - I am sure/unsure.

Jeg er lei for det - I am sorry (lit. I am sorry about it)

Jeg kjeder meg - I am bored.

Jeg er trøtt - I am tired.

Jeg er sur - I am angry.

Du skremte meg - You scared me.

Du såret meg - You hurt me.

Du fornærmet meg - You insulted me.

Jeg er redd - I am scared.

Jeg er opprørt - I am upset.

Jeg er forvirret - I am confused.

Jeg er lei meg - I am sad.

Jeg er sliten - I am tired.

Jeg er nervøs - I am nervous.

Jeg er utslitt - I am exhausted.

Jeg er irritert - I am annoyed.

— I really appreciate if you could translate this list into your native language :D Jeg setter veldig pris på om du kunne oversatt denne listen til ditt morsmål :D