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If you're still doing the headcanon meme: Loki as the Grandmaster's pet? (I am, in fact, trash)

[pulls you gently out of the trash] look, you’re not alone, the thought has crossed many a mind since the trailer came out

well it’s been like a week but if you’re still interested in hearing about this one. I’m actually working on a thing though it’s going slowly (probably because I am Ashamed) so why don’t I just use this as an excuse to brainstorm

  • Loki doesn’t make a very good pet, but that’s why the Grandmaster finds him entertaining. he’s like that misbehaving cat that drives you nuts but also is fun to watch because they do weird things. and when he gets too annoying there’s always catnip. 
  • sex, at least initially, isn’t on the table. at least not sex between the two of them. rather, it’s more interesting to have Loki have sex with other people and observe. the Grandmaster is a voyeur, and it’s just another kind of game. 
  • the thing is that Loki does not drug well. and like, hallucinogens are a terrible idea. Loki is kind of the definition of a bad trip waiting to happen, and, well, it does. at least once. probably more than once. there are a lot of different hallucinogens to try. 
  • sometimes Loki thinks he’s never getting out and he might as well just give up. so far he’s managed to not do that. 
  • the first time Thor sees his brother lounging on a couch with the Grandmaster, taking his ease, indolent and comfortable from down in the ring, he’s enraged. of course Loki’s managed to worm his way into an advantageous position, and can Thor be sure that he’s doing it to help or just to serve himself?
  • Thor’s smart, though, and he knows Loki, and he figures out pretty quickly that something is off about him, even from a distance. something is wrong. and now he’s not so sure that Loki’s completely willing, and something about the way the Grandmaster puts his hand on the back of Loki’s neck and smiles seemingly directly at Thor makes his skin crawl. 
  • all is not well, and it looks like it might be down to him to get them both out of here.
nothing compares to you

“So?” Kent asked, following Jeff up the stairs to his apartment. “What’s the deal? Who’s your new best friend?”

“Aw, don’t be jealous, Parse!” Jeff unlocked his front door. “It’s cute, though. Don’t worry. You’ll always be my number two.”

“Whatever,” Kent said.

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jeff hardy x OFC 

warnings: swearing + smut. 

prompt: your nerves get the best of you around your teenage celebrity crush until he can’t take the wait anymore.

the gorilla backstage was surprisingly quiet for once. most people were off doing their own thing and only a few stage hands were stood by, clipboard in hands minding their own business. you on the other hand had your eye’s glued to the screen on the wall in front of you, your mouth gaping slightly as you watched the tag teams compete.

it had been three weeks since the hardy boyz had made their epic come back and the WWE universe still hadn’t come down from the rush - you being among them. not only were they causing mayhem on social media, the hashtag ’hardyboyzreturn’ had been trending since Wrestlemania but they were making a major come back in the ring too, already having won the tagteam titles and won each match they had been entered into.

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  • Jeff: Daww it's so cute
  • EJ: Let's eat it's kidneys
  • Jeff: What no
  • BEN: Let's drown it
  • Jeff: What the hell is wrong with--
  • LJ: Let's stuff it with candy and hang it from the ceiling
  • Jeff *cradling puppy in his arms, running towards the door*: YOU ALL HAVE PROBLEMS *runs out the door and down the street*
  • Slenderman *standing at the doorway watching this happen*: Why did I think a puppy was a good idea
I added to someone else’s post a while ago about music I like with women and girls singing and/or on instruments, but I found more, so here’s an updated list:

Bands with girls on instruments/back-up vocals:

The White Stripes

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams (technically they’re the theme music for the series RWBY, not a band, but it’s good music, so I’m including it anyway)


Sick Puppies



Female-Fronted Bands:

The Agonist (and with their new singer)

Arch Enemy (with their previous singer)



Tonight Alive






The Distillers

Fit For Rivals

Butcher Babies




The Birthday Massacre


Diva Destruction




Within Temptation

All-Girl Bands:




The Applicators

Care Bears on Fire

Fabulous Disaster

Girl in a Coma





no but, imagine a normal!creepypasta AU (like, no serial killers, no strange features, no monsters, just “normal people” with normal eyes and mouth and etc…) with Slender running an orphanage but like, he help those who lost the “good path”, teens criminals in drugs such or even some that killed some other people

imagine Sally crafting in white and black papers “nose cones” for the twins Jack and Jill, imagine those two idiots running in the house to play with the youngers even tho they’re 16 damnit! 

imagine Toby taking Sally on his shoulders and running in the corridors and jumping on Jeff’s bed to annoy the shit out of him! 

imagine Ben being the new kid and constantly hides behind Slender because he’s too shy and have anxiety due to his assholes of parents who used to hit him and now are in jail! 

imagine Masky and Hoodie helping Slender like Hoody just welcome the new kids in to Slender and Masky is, like, getting Slender the papers and stuff and “damn it Masky, Hoddie, stop making out in the closet!” 

Slender having money problems because technically he’s not allowed to have this kind of orphanage because he’s basically hiding criminals but buy a sketch books and crayons anyway for Bloody painter and the kid KNOWS about the money troubles and he silently hugs Slender’s waist and fuck that you’re too tall! 

Bloody painter, Jack eyeless and Masky always wearing a mask because “kids these days” but Jack mostly have a low self-esteem about his face

Jeff and his brother Liu (Homicidal Liu) not at the orphanage often and prefer hanging out in the streets and Slender always have to go pick them up because “damn it kids stop running away do you want to get arrested? and oh-oh a kiss? okay…”



Saddie having suicidal thoughts but Slender’s just like “come here *wrap blanket around her and give her hot chocolate* it’s gonna be okay, I won’t leave you”


Vine (the doll maker) making dolls for Sally because “that kid looks like a doll, i like her, i like her hair, lemme just cut-” “VINE DON’T TOUCH HER HAIR”

ZALGO BEING THE FREAKING ASSHOLE WHO TRIES TO TAKE THE ORPHANAGE DOWN “You can’t hide those kids forever Slender” “Oh yeah? Watch me. Those kids need me Zalgo, I won’t give up on them” “Do they need you? or do YOU need them?” 



Imagine you and Jeff adopting puppies.

Help Me Out (Jeff Atkins imagine)

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“Where the hell is Tony?” I asked myself walking around looking like an idiot just to find this boy so I can give him back his tapes with all his songs on it. I glanced at my phone again hoping he’d answer me this time and still nothing.


TONY: hey sorry (Y/N) I’m in the library right now and didn’t hear my phone go off with messages

ME: it’s fine Tony I’ll be there to give you back your stuff you let me borrow

With that I put my phone in my pocket and turned around heading down the hall and turning left and reaching the library. I looked around for Tony and found him and sat down. “Hey loser, thanks for letting me borrow your stuff. You should let me borrow your sweet mustang dude” I say with a thankful yet joking tone. Tony just looked at me and rolled his eyes, “No problem and that’s definitely a no go on borrowing my mustang, that’s my baby” Tony spoke in a serious tone and I just scoffed.

“Yeah we know it’s your baby Tony” a voice commented and I turned around to see who it was. It was Clay Jensen. I smiled and waved, “Hey Clay, how are ya?” Clay smiled back, “I’m pretty great actually thanks for asking (Y/N) how bout you?”
“Pretty decent” I state and get up, “Is it cool if I sit with you? Tony is apparently too busy for his best friend” I say while looking at Tony. “Sure you can sit with us” Clay answers and I was confused until I sat down and noticed the boy sitting across from him. How did I not notice there was someone with him? God I’m such an idiot.

I sat there quietly until Clay spoke up, “Um okay I’ll be right back guys I gotta go to the bathroom” I just shook my head while the boy across from me said yeah go ahead. It was quiet for the first two minutes so I just pulled out my history book and started doing the homework. I felt eyes on me and I looked up to see the boy sitting across from me quickly look down. I didn’t get a chance to really look at this guy until now and let me just say he’s completely and utterly gorgeous I don’t know why I’ve never seen him before. Me being me would never ever be the first one to make a convo with a handsome stranger but something came over me. 

 I cleared my throat, “Hi” I spoke shyly and the boy just looked up and looked around and back at me. I gave him a questioning look and his eyes widened, “You were talking to me? Oh god I’m sorry, hi” he says quickly apologizing. I just giggled a little, “it’s completely okay, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything since you looked like you were really focused”. “No! I mean no it’s fine really and I’m just trying to focus because Clay is tutoring me and I don’t want to let him down & I’m Jeff, Jeff Atkins” he finally introduced himself. “Oh alright that’s sweet that you don’t want to let him down but Clay would be proud of you either way and the mystery boy finally reveals his name huh, I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N)” I say in a joking manner. “You seem like you’re focused on not just making Clay proud but winning something?” I question not sure if I was right or wrong. Jeff set his pencil down and looked at me, “Actually Clay and I made a bet” I raised my eyebrows and give him a look as in ‘tell me more’. Jeff continued and spoke again, “The bet is if I get higher than a C he has to go to the dance and I’m trying to win because I want him to go with Hannah Baker” he confesses. “You know about his feelings towards Hannah too?” I say amused. 

“Yeah, I’m hoping he gets with her I think they’re great for each other”. “That’s what I think but he hates it when I try to help him” I say laughing a little and Jeff laughs with me. Clay came back and I got up and grabbed my stuff. “Hey (Y/N) where you going?” Jeff questioned and I looked at him, “Well I gotta go and plus I’m gonna meet up and talk to Hannah” I say sending him a wink hoping he knows what I meant. “Oh okay cool” Jeff replies smiling and winking back meaning he knows what I’m trying to go do. Before I left I overheard Clay, “You two just met and I was gone for a few minutes, and you guys are winking at each other?” I just smiled to myself and walked out.  

Meeting Jeff was four weeks ago and since then i have been going to the library to hang out with him and Clay and sometimes help Clay tutor Jeff. Other times the three of you would just sit and talk and relax from school work. I walked into the library to be greeted by Jeff, “Hey princess” he says smiling, Jeff has been calling you princess the day after you met. “Hey Jeff, no Clay today?” I question looking around and not finding Clay. Jeff shook his head, “Nope he said he’s running late he has a few things to do and he said for you not to worry about tutoring me he’s got it covered” he explained. “Ah okay gotcha”. Jeff was staring at me which I had noticed he does all the time but this time I asked him, “Why do you keep staring at me?” He blinks and replies, “I-I’m not staring at you” he stutters. “Yes you are” “No I’m not princess” I give him the l ‘you totally are’ look and he just looks away.

There was no doubt that I had started to develop a crush on Jeff, even Clay was able to tell but I don’t think Jeff knows which I thought he’d know by now. I decided to flirt and tease Jeff just to see his reaction. “Hey Jeff?” I questioned, “Hmm?” He hummed not looking up, “You look hot today” I commented and he dropped the pencil that was in his hand, “I, uh um t-thanks” he said nervously and I giggled and saw Clay coming over. I looked over to Jeff to see he had a sign of relief when he saw Clay and I thought it was weird but left it alone. “Hey guys sorry I took so long” Clay apologized, “Nah it’s no problem, Jeff and I were just talking right Jeff?” I say winking at him. Jeff gets flustered and answers back, “Yeah (Y/N) I mean princess and I were just talking”. Clay looked at us both amused and sat down. After about ten minutes I got up to go look for something to do. 

Jeff sighed as (Y/N) walked away and Clay looked at me. “Why don’t you just tell her?” The two said in unison. “What are you talking about?” The two boys spoke in sync again. “Okay what are you talking about?” Clay questions shrugging his hands towards Jeff. “I’m talking about Hannah duh, tell her how you feel and what are you talking about?” Jeff quickly responds waiting for Clay’s answer. “I’m talking about (Y/N) man, why don’t you admit and tell her you like her” Clay spoke. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Clay” Jeff quickly responds, maybe a little too quick. “Ya you do, you like (Y/N) and she likes you it’s simple” a voice butted in, which belonged to Tony. Jeff gives him a questioning look, before he could say anything Tony speaks up. “Before you say something, I would know because I’m her best friend she tells me everything, including who she likes” Tony genuinely explains. “No offense Tony but if you’re her best friend wouldn’t you have to be all tough on me?” Jeff questions confused. “Not if I approve of you, which I do approve” Tony confesses. Jeff looks at Tony and back at Clay, “Clay, help me out” Jeff begs like a puppy when they would beg for food. 

Clay looks shocked, “Me? You want me, Clay Jensen’s help?” The guy who’s love life is below a C average?“. “Come on guys I need help!” Jeff exclaims while the librarian shushes him. “It’s simple Jeff just ask her out on a date, she likes simple things and maybe something out of the ordinary or fancy once in a blue moon” Tony assures Jeff. Jeff glared at Tony with jealousy since he knows (Y/N) so well, Tony puts his hand up, “What? She’s my best friend since we were like 2! I know what she likes”. Clay agrees with Tony and Jeff signs, “I don’t know guys” “Dude stop doubting yourself, you’re the Jeff Atkins, you can do this” Clay starts boosting Jeff and Jeff just smiles, “You know what? Yeah I can do this!” Jeff exclaims. Again the librarian shushes them for the second time while Tony and Clay pack their things up. Jeff looks around, “Wait we aren’t done”. “We know, we are just leaving that way you can ask her without us in the way” Clay speaks and walks away with Tony following him (then again tony is always following him). (Y/N) finally comes back over to the table smiling cheerfully while looking around, “Where did Tony and Clay go?” she questions confused. 

“They left early, Tony didn’t want to be in here and Clay has more important stuff to do” Jeff lies hoping (Y/N) will buy the lie. (Y/N) nods, “Oh okay, well looks like it’s just you and I Atkins” (Y/N) smirks while nudging him. Jeff laughs, “Yeah looks like it is. Uh (Y/N), I mean princess, um since it’s just the two of us and this is the last period would you like to go out with me after we get out?” He silently hopes and prays he didn’t just make a fool out of himself. “Like a date?” (Y/N) questions while secretly screaming on the inside. 

‘Oh god I’m such an idiot’ Jeff thinks, “Yeah, a date” he confesses. (Y/N) smiles, “Jeff I would love that”. “Really?” (Y/N) nods her head ‘yes’. “Thank god!” Jeff exclaimed while leaning over and hugging (Y/N) and then kissing her on the cheek. Little did the two know, Tony and Clay were outside the library jumping up and down like excited school girls and cheering “Woo! That’s our boy!” 

What do you guys will happen next for Stiles and Lydia?

Let me know, I want to hear your theories