jeffs everywhere

so little jeffmads things from hamilton in chicago :

- the first time they see each other they greet with like this secret handshake where instead of shaking they wiggle their fingers against each other (they then proceed to do this every time they go to handshake for the whole act)
- mads is the biggest deadpan hype man ever like his straight face comments in the background of jeffs rap battle
- when jeffs wants to fight hamilton (or literally anyone) mads like physically holding him back and calming him down
- jeffs before doing anything rash looks to mads and waits for his nod of approval before taking action
- when jeffs mike drops and mads like fans it off like its on fire
- casually touching each other all the time in the background
- when mads is coughing into the handkerchief he carries around everywhere and jeffs in the middle of “fight me” mode stops what he’s doing to immeditaly attend to mads
- leaning into each other’s space in room where it happens
- after the second cabinet battle jeffs all upset about gwash saying no and like he turns to mads who gives this like “ill take care of it motion” before sliding all up to gwash
- just all the time looking to each other whenever anyone does anything
- mads is jeffs voice of fucking reason im screaming
- in washington on your side like jeffs looks around for mads before starts singing and he’s off stage and when mads enters with “which i wrote” he does his like arm florish to present that mads has arrived then crosses the stage to drape himself over mads
- them being shifty bastards together like scheming and dancing around at Reynolds pamphlet
- the election and jeffs looking nervous about hamiltons answer and mads like fucking straightens his coat for him to calm him down like
- honestly this was so much i am so weak

im back in jeffmads hell guys be prepared seeing hamilton live has killed me

Jeffs room hc because why not

- Jeff has a 6 pack of redbull and ranch flavored Doritos under his bed

- some thin ass black blanket that doesn’t protect shit from the cold

- like 2 pillows

- he has a big bed but doesn’t take up much space, most of the bed is Smile dog’s

- mini tv in the corner that gets like 6 channels

- posters everywhere and im talking like gaming posters, music posters, those fucking meme posters, a map somewhere

- knifes

- clothes everywhere

Jeff being in love with you Would Include...

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ღ Jeff telling you he loves you all the time.

ღ Sweet and romantic dates

ღ Long walks on the beach 

ღ Exploring new things together 

ღ Getting tattoo’s together

ღ Hand holding all the time

ღ Public Displays of affection

ღ Jeff loves showing his love for you

ღ Cute souvenirs from the places he’s visited

ღ Loving text messages 

ღ Jeff leaving love notes everywhere

ღ So much cuddling

ღ Planning your future together 

ღ Jeff treating you like a Queen/King

ღ Jeff being the one for you…

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I don't understand how larries can't see that Jeff is using Harry for his own ego. He is trash, his family is shit.

I believe the Azoff’s infiltrated this fandom in 2014 and did an amazing job in promoting themselves as “saviors”. It was at that time I started to suspect professional fan were hire to influence conversations. If you were here at the time, Irving was originally called Grandpa and then later rebranded as Uncle.

They were brilliantly introduced. There was a photo of Harry with the entire Azoff family at Craigs restaurant in LA and then private pictures of Harry snuggling Irving on a couch were released. Then Harry and Jeff were seen everywhere together and certain blogs pushed that they were best friends. Everyone was encouraged to watch Artifact. We were led to believe that Irving was coming on board to take on Simon & Co.

No one believed at the time that his goal was for soloHarry. I couldn’t have imagine that Harry would’ve been so self-centered to arrange a situation that only protected him.

For me it wasn’t until yachtgate happened that I realized Azoff=Harry and that it was the Azoff’s that were behind his elitist, better than the rest image. Not a fan! 🌻

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The types as movie titles?

INFJ: Lonely Self Sacrificing Sad Hero Saves The Day
ESTP: Literally Anything By Michael Bay
INTJ: Pretentious Intellectual Philosophy Major Faces Existential Crisis 
ESFP: Party Movie About Friendship And Love
INFP: I Am Sad And Crying Also Kissing In The Rain
ESTJ: Life Sucks Here Is My Story Everyone Dies In The End Get Over It
INTP: This Is A Documentary, or Freaks and Geeks: The Movie
ESFJ: We Sure Are A Group Of Cool Friends Exploring Love
ISFJ: Romantic Comedy Empire State Building Scene
ENTP: Time Travel Adventure Intellectual Babble Fun 
ISTJ: Serious Period Drama About War
ENFP: Jupiter Ascending 
ISFP: I Met My Tru Love They Perf Artist Who Draw Me
ENTJ: I Am Determined To Win And I Do
ISTP: Chill Apathetic Dude Does Not Care Seriously I Am Chill Sk8er Boi
ENFJ: Manipulation Is Everywhere Jeff Cheated On Lindsay OMG


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It’s honestly really ridiculous how non shippers constantly try to pick apart every single Stydia scene. People are so quick to criticize and label our ship as defective or flawed. Lydia’s bear trap scene wasn’t inaccurate, Jeff is not stupid and he certainly didn’t make a mistake. The trap’s manufacturing is similar to that of a land mine’s. It does not go off or self destruct as soon as weight is applied. The machine is triggered once the weight is taken off. Which is exactly what happened when Isaac was running full speed, he lifted his foot before he had the chance to realize the trap was under him. Lydia wasn’t running so when she heard the sound of the trap snapping shut she obviously didn’t move in fear of the trap consuming her leg. There is no fault in Jeff’s logic. The Stydia scene that took place shortly after isn’t “out of character” and Lydia certainly didn’t “exploit” or “manipulate” Stiles in anyway. I don’t understand why people can’t even consider the idea that maybe, just maybe she was exhibiting real, heart felt, emotion. Maybe after going through so much with this young man, after she’s stood there as she’s watched his life being put in jeopardy time and time again, maybe after seeing the same carefree high spirited boy she’s known her entire life having to fight and battle his way through so much shit, maybe she’s finally seeing him in his true form. His strong, unbelievably intelligent, undyingly caring, charismatic form. Maybe the feelings that she expressed during that scene has always been there. Lydia knew the affect sacrificing himself had on Stiles, she knew he was terrified as they both were, when you’re utterly petrified you don’t think rationally, you don’t have time to think of an obvious solution. So no, maybe neither of them thought of taking a damn picture of the instructions, but they didn’t need to because Lydia had enough faith in Stiles to find a way out of her predicament all on his own. Why? You may ask, Why would she risk her safety in the hands of a 17 year old boy? Because she knew that this intellectually superb boy had all the knowledge he could ever need to figure out a trap and save her life. So go ahead, make your jokes, shake your heads and call my ship pointless and draining. But I’m gonna be right there eating my popcorn and smiling like baby when my ship finally becomes canon and your ships go crumbling down the drain. BOO BYE


The kids had fun making this small video on the day off school. Come on you Gunners!