New Home? ....well maybe

Alright so things are going to be switching around. is more then likely going to be taken down but I am going to be keeping the Facebook page open  HERE 

So for the 5 of you that pay attention to my ramblings you would know i am moving away from the “company” thing and moving into the… well i don’t know what the hell to call it, game accessory?  enhancer?  …something.  For the rest of the world here is the letter i wrote a little note back in june

Alright it has been sometime since I have updated this and well there has been a lot going on. First thing first as most of you know via our FACEBOOK page I’m a new dad! That has been a major reason if not THE reason why Imperium Star games has seems to grind to a halt, there are other factors as well but most of them are so very minor.

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