After The Lights Go Out

Summary: I’m trash. Ugh, I don’t know.  Negan finally acts on his stalkerish actions???  MAX AND NEGAN MERGED INTO ONE.
Request Summary: “Can you write something about a girl who negan saved when she was young/kid and now that she is growing up as a women they starting to love each other, smut or daddy dom” - Anon
POV: Negan
Characters: Kylie and Negan
Word Count: 5102
Warnings: Cursing, hella smut too
Authors note:  I’m complete trash for mixing Max and Negan together.  I totally stole some of Max’s quotes from the movie and some of his creepy nature.
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Today was a productive ass day and it just started!”


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The Artist - Chapter One

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Summary: Max (character from The Resident) is an art student who has feelings for Emma and becomes obsessed.


Characters: Max, Emma.

Word Count: 920ish

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing in English so please be patient. It’s probably shit but I had fun writing it. There will be more chapters? I don’t know. I’m open to all suggestions. Hope you enjoy it!

P.S: I couldn’t be more grateful for my Beta readers @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy and @aneclecticwriter


“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Max asked breathlessly as he sat down and placed his backpack by his side. “Sorry to bother you, but is there something important that I should know about? I’m Max, by the way,” he offers his hand to introduce himself to the girl in the seat beside him.

“Oh, uhm no, the class just started,” She answered, coming out of her reverie. “I’m Emma.” she shook his hand with a timid smile.

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Requested by @5sos1dsex 😘

Warning: Smutty goodness ahead!

Also tagging: @ladylorelitany because I feel like giving her some payback for that Negan smut from earlier today! 😙

He wandered around the house bored out of his mind, wondering when his girl would be home.

She had to leave out of state to take care of her Grandmother who’d had a stroke.

A week. A whole, long ass 7 days she was gone and he was starting to feel the loneliness settle in.

It never did put him in the right head space. He tended to withdraw and would even go as far as to hurt himself just to make him feel something.

Sighing, he went into the bathroom and stared at the tub. The night before she had to leave, she’d had him join her in the bath.

There they’d made love; slow and unhurried and it was just what he had needed to quelle the inner panic and turmoil that he had started to feel.

He got in the tub, leaning back, thinking of her on top of him. Instantly he was hard.

Picturing her, her wet hair sticking to her body, the soft moans leaving her mouth… God he couldn’t help himself.

Reaching into his pants, he gripped himself, slowly stroking. He took a deep breath and nearly came when he thought he smelt her perfume.

Opening his eyes, he found her standing in the door way of the bathroom, biting her lip.

She came over to the tub, leaning over and taking his hand from his pants.

She slipped her hand down his stomach, dipping down beneath the waistband.

He moaned deeply as her fingers wrapped around him and she began to stroke.

Cupping her cheeks in his hands, he pulled her down where he could kiss her properly.

Pulling back for a breath, he held her head  to his, his breath fanning her face.

He was close and she knew what he needed.

She kissed his lips, moving to his jaw, leaving nips along the way.

“I love you,” she whispered, in his ear.

He moaned loudly, his body taut as she continued to stroke him through his orgasm.

His legs spasmed slightly as his skin was highly sensitive from her touch.

Opening his eyes, she smiled. “I’m home, baby.”

He laughed, hugging her to him, “Yeah, you are.”

Max from The Resident: does something creepy

Me: Look at my little cinnamon bun, he just wants to be accepted and loved and wants to find his forever girlfriend who he can play hide and seek with and protect her from the world. Let me sneak between those walls and give him a bear hug and share my snacks with him.

Ten Characters I would Kiss

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Ten characters I would kiss:

1) Driver (Luke Evans)

2) Owen Shaw (Luke Evans)

3) Scott Hipwell (Luke Evans)

4) Vlad A.K.A Dracula (Luke Evans)

5) Andy Cobb (Luke Evans)

6) Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

7) Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

8) JD Ritcher (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

9)Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

10)Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Note: All the gifs are mine and created with giphy and ezgif.

Yes, I am obsess with Luke Evans and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But come on now, they are fine as hell and they are my daddies lol.

So now my lovelies, who are your top ten characters you would have babies with, I mean kiss.  

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Ten Characters I would Kiss

Tagged by the lovely @zoesmama2024 <3 I think we have some characters in common on this list!!!

Ten characters I would kiss:

1) Owen Shaw (Luke Evans)

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2) Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

3)  Buddy (Jon Hamm)

4) Seth (Gerard Butler)

5) Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa)

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6) Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

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7) Driver (Luke Evans)

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8)  Jason Crouse (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

9)  Aquaman (Jason Momoa)

10) Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

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It is so hard to choose an order xD It really depends on my mood… so just imagine that they all share one place~

And damn…. I wish this list would be the real deal xD And I think you know by now who are my favourite actors…. but can you blame me ? xD

And I tag whoever would like to try this! It is really fun but hard to choose!!!