Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 10 - Presents

Character: Jason Crouse

TV: The Good Wife

NOTE: Continuance from Day 4 Christmas Party!

Warnings: None. Fluffy!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

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Jason took a deep breath, holding the jewelry box between his fingers. He was nervous; beyond so, if he were to be honest.

He was at the local coffee shop, waiting for Y/N’s Grandmother, Betty. When the doorbell dinged and Betty’s small frame came through the door, he almost felt like passing out.

Jesus Christ, was it hot in here all of a sudden?

Jason took a big gulp of water and stood as Betty walked over.

She smiled wide, holding her arms out as she called out to him, “Jason, dear!”

“Hey Betty,” he greeted, kissing her cheek.

Jason held her hand as she sat down next to him.

Betty folded her hands together, biting her bottom lip as she lifted her shoulders, “What do I owe the pleasure, Jason?”

He cleared his throat, his leg bobbing, “Well, um,” he wiped the sweat from his brow.

Betty placed a hand on his arm, “Are you okay, Dear?”

Jason rolled his lips, “Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I am.”

Betty raised her brows.

Grabbing the box from his coat pocket, Jason placed it on the table.

Betty’s eyes widened, “Oh… Oh Dear, I have three husbands under my belt. I couldn’t do with another.”

“Wha-” Jason busted out laughing, the tension leaving him. He flopped back in his chair, taking his glasses off and wiping his eyes.

Betty laughed along with him, “That’s better.” She commented.

“Betty… I want to marry Y/N.”

Betty reached over and grasped Jason’s hand, “You’ve had my blessing since the first day Y/N ever talked about you.”
Leaning against the counter, Jason opened the jewelry box. Inside of it was the ring, of course, and a necklace.

The necklace was tear drop shaped and inside of that was Mars Dust.

He sighed, snapping the box shut. The last time he gave a gift of out of this world proportions, he was looked at as if he’d lost his mind.

When he met Y/N, he was all about not wanting to be in one place for too long, but slowly, she reeled him in.

Everything that had ever happened with Alicia finally went away. Jason was finally someone’s right now.

Sure, the sneaking around had been hot at first, but after a while, it became more of a burden. Jason wasn’t one to share.

He’d up and left Chicago, needing the distance in the worst of ways.

“Wait for me?” Alicia had asked him.

He had thought about it, but it had been too much. Jason had finally made up his mind and ended it with Alicia. It was for the best.

The moment he’d gotten back to Seattle, things had begun to fall in place. He still worked freelance, but was paid better money for his expertise.

He had an apartment, which he was hardly home for these days since meeting Y/N.

Y/N, when he met her, it all stopped, everything becoming background noise. She was the designated driver for her friends that night.

She was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, yoga capris and sneakers, hardly what anyone would wear to a bar, but she had made it clear that she wasn’t there looking to get laid.

She was simply there to help her friends if something happened. They talked all night, sharing laughs and just enjoying one another.

Then Jason thought of their first kiss. He knew then that Y/N had him for life.

Keys jingling in the lock had Jason scooping up the box and shoving it in his pocket.

Y/N came in the door, immediately dropping her wallet and keys on the side table.

He watched her as she toed off her shoes and sighed, her ankles popping.

“Rough day?” He asked, leaning on the door jam.

She rubbed her neck, her eyes tired, “Yeah.”

She walked up to Jason, inhaling his scent as she buried her face in his shirt. He held her close to him, kissing her head.

“Go and take a shower, relax.” He said, quietly.

She smiled at him, giving him a sound kiss, “Alright.”
Jason and Y/N laid on the couch, cuddling after the delicious dinner he had made.

“I’m stuffed.” Y/N moaned, rubbing her stomach.

Jason laughed, nuzzling her neck, “So, I want to give you an early gift.”

Y/N raised a brow, “You have my attention.”

Jason smiled, getting up and going over to the mantel where the box was. He had removed the ring while she was in the shower, it safely in his pocket.

Y/N was sitting up looking curiously at him.

He handed her the box, his palms starting to itch.

Carefully she opened the black, velvet box, her eyes widening at the necklace.

“Oh, wow Jason. It’s beautiful!”

Y/N inspected the tear drop, her eyes squinting at what was inside, “What’s in it?” She asked, looking up at him.

He got down on one knee and took the pendant from the box, “It’s Mars dust.”

Her smiled widened, “Seriously?”

He laughed at her enthusiasm, “Yeah, seriously.”

“That is so awesome. Put it on me?” She asked, holding out the necklace.

Jason took it from her as she leaned forward so he could clasp it. Afterwards, he held her head to him, kissing her shoulder as he used his other hand to take out the ring.

“Y/N?” He said, softly.

Raising her head, she looked down at his fingers clasping the peice of jewelry.

“Jason? What’s…” Her brows are furrowed at first, trying to grasp the situation.

Jason took his glasses off, setting them on the coffee table behind him.

“Y/N, I,” he paused, swallowing, “I never thought I’d be the type to do this. I mean, I honestly thought I’d be happy just being by myself; being on the move constantly,”

Slowly, his eyes rose up to meet hers, the irises a deep brown, “Then I met you… You eased the ache and filled the void…”

Y/N’s brows smoothed out, her hands coming up and cupping her mouth, “Jase,”

Jason’s shoulders lifted, his eyes widening slightly as he grinned softly, “I love the fact that you make all the bad shit go away.”

He looked away, his emotions running high, so much so that his bottom lip trembled, “I don’t want to go back to that… I can’t.”

She cupped his cheeks.

“You’re my home, Y/N… Will you marry me?”

Her eyes closed, her lashes damp from the tears that threatened to fall. When she opened them, he could see and feel the love that she held for him; then she said the words that he’d been waiting for,

“Yes. Of course I will Jase.”

The breath that he’d been holding, left him in whoosh. Taking her left hand, he kissed her palm before sliding the ring on.

Once it was on her finger snuggly, she wiggled her digits, a smile on her face.

Putting his index finger under her chin, he rose her face and slowly kissed her. She pulled him closer, so that he was in between her legs.

A soft moan left her as the tip of his tounge tasted her lips. She copied his movement, eliciting a moan from him.

“Mmmhm, Jason?” She said, his name in a kiss.

“Hmm?” He hummed, tugging on her lips with his.

“Do you want your present?” Y/N asked, backing away an inch.

His eyes heavy lidded and his tounge peeking out from between his teeth; he leaned towards her ear, nipping at the lobe, “As far as I’m concerned, I have my present in my hands.”

Jason slid his hands underneath Y/N’s shirt, grazing her sides as he pushed the article of clothing up.

Taking the shirt, he threw it to the side, his eyes taking in her bra clad torso.

Y/N leaned back, lifting her hips slightly, “Finish opening your present Big Man.”

Jason laughed, popping the button on her jeans.

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