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Hello Detective (Sherlock Imagine) Chapter 4

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          The next morning you woke up early and showered. You straightened your hair, applied a little bit of makeup, and got dressed. After slipping into your grey pencil skirt, a light blue blouse, and a nude jacket, you looked for shoes. After slipping on a little jewelry you found some great, plain, light blue, pointed heels, and were ready to go. You grabbed your purse, locked the door, and went to hail a cab.

          Once you arrived at Scotland Yarde you met Lestrade, who was ushering people into a conference room. He was middle aged, had greying hair, and was fairly tall. He told you to stand in the back of the conference room and in a few hours everything should make sense. “After that if you still have any questions, feel free to ask.” He said with a smile.
          The first press conference was starting, and you were standing in the back, leaning against the wall. The woman speaking, Margaret Patterson, had just lost her husband. One of the murder/suicides. “My husband was a happy man, who lived life to the full. He loved his family and his work. And that he should have taken his own life like this was a mystery and a shock to all that knew him.” She read from a piece of paper. Very heartfelt, coming from a woman whose husband just died. She can’t even speak from her heart, cares too much about her image.
          Your eyes scanned the room, falling on a blonde woman leaning against the window on the side of the room. She was crying more than the wife: Affair. She must have been the secretary or PA.
          The next press conference was scheduled to start soon. Lestrade and another detective, Donovan, we’re going to be answering questions to reporters about these strings of suicides.
          “The body of Beth Davenport, Junior Minister for Transport, was found late last night on a building site in Greater London. Preliminary investigations suggest that this was suicide. We can confirm that this apparent suicide closely resembles those of Sir Jeffrey Patterson and James Phillimore. In the light of this, these incidents are now being treated as linked,” Donovan said. Linked? Suicides can’t be linked. Sherlock was right, they weren’t suicides, they had to be murders. Donovan continued, “The investigation is ongoing, but Detective Inspector Lestrade will take questions now.”
          Lestrade looked slightly upset, almost like he knew something was wrong here. “Detective Inspector, how can suicides be linked?” A reporter asked.
          “Well, they all took the same poison. Um, they were all found in places they had no reason to be. None of them had shown any prior intentions…” Lestrade was cut off by the reporter.
          “But you can’t have serial suicides.” He said, and he was right.
          “Well, apparently you can.” Lestrade said, annoyed.
          “These three people, there’s nothing that links them?” Another reporter asked.
          “There’s no link that we’ve found yet but… We’re looking for it, there has to be one.” Lestrade said.
           Suddenly everyone’s phones started beeping even yours. It was a mass text.


          “If you’ve all got texts, please ignore them.” Donovan said.
          “It just says ‘Wrong’.” The first reporter said.
          “Yeah, well, just ignore that. If there are no more questions for Detective Inspector Lestrade, I’m going to bring this session to an end.” Donovan said.
          “If they’re suicides, what are you investigating?” Another reporter asked.
          “As I say, these suicides are clearly linked. Um. It’s an unusual situation, we’ve got our best people investigating.” Lestrade said, sort of flustered. You could tell this case wasn’t putting him in a good mood. Everyone’s phones beep again.


          You cracked a smile. You knew exactly who was sending these texts. Sherlock.
          “Is there any chance that these are murders? And if they are, is this the work of a serial killer?” A female reporter asked.
          “I… I know you’d like writing about these, but these do appear to be suicides,” Lestrade said, “We know the difference. The poison was clearly self administered.”
         "Yes, but if they are murders, how do people keep themselves safe?“ She asked again.
          "Well, don’t commit suicide,” Lestrade said. Donovan whispered something to him and he continued speaking, “Obviously this is a frightening time for people, but all anyone has to do is exercise reasonable precautions. We are all as safe as we want to be.”
          Everyone’s phones buzzed again.


         You quickly send a text to Sherlock.

You think you’re so clever don’t you?

- Y/N

          “Thank you.” Lestrade said, ending the session. Donovan followed him and the three of us got our coats to leave.
          “You’ve got to stop him doing that. He’s making us look like idiots.” Donovan whined. You guess she knew Sherlock too.
          “If you can tell me how he does it, I’ll stop him.” Lestrade said annoyed.
We had just got word that there had been another suicide/murder. Lestrade knew it was time to get Sherlock’s help, considering this one left a note. The two of us drove to Sherlock’s flat, leaving Donovan and Anderson at the crime scene.
          “Where?” Sherlock said the moment Greg and I walked in the room.
          “Brixton, Lauriston Gardens.” Lestrade said.
          “What’s new about this one? You wouldn’t have come to get me if it wasn’t something different.” Sherlock said, he was good.
          “This one left a note. Will you come?” You asked him.
          “Who’s on Forensics?” Sherlock asked.
          “It’s Anderson.” Lestrade said.
          “Anderson won’t work with me.” Sherlock whined.
          “Well, he won’t be your assistant.” Greg said.
          “I need an assistant.” Sherlock whined again.
          “John was an army doctor, he can be your assistant. Will you come?” You asked again.
          “How did you…? Did he tell you that?” John asked, confused.
          “What? No. Will you come Sherlock?” You asked again.
          “Not in a police car, I’ll be right behind.” Sherlock agreed. He walked closer to you and whispered in your ear. “And to answer your question: Yes, I do.” He said referring to your previous text. You laughed.
          “Thought so. Thank you.” You said, leaving with Lestrade.
          Sherlock literally jumped with joy. “Brilliant! Yes!” He yelled. “Ah! Four serial suicides, and now a note. Oh, it’s Christmas. Mrs. Hudson I’ll be late. Might need some food.”
          “I’m your landlady, dear, not your housekeeper.” The sweet old lady said.
           "Some thing cold will do. John, have a cup of tea, make yourself at home. Don’t wait up!“ He yelled opening the door.
           "Look at him, dashing about… My husband was just the same. But you’re more the sitting down type, I can tell. I’ll make you that cuppa, you rest your leg.” Mrs. Hudson said.
          “Damn my leg. Sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s just sometimes this bloody thing.” John said tapping his leg with his cane.
          “I understand dear, I’ve got a hip.” She said sweetly.
          “Cup of tea would be lovely. Thank you.” John said again.
          “Just this once, dear, I’m not your housekeeper.” She said.
         "And a couple of biscuits too, if you’ve got 'em.“
         "Not your housekeeper!” She yelled back.
         Sherlock came back. “She’s right. You’re a doctor. Any good?”
         "Very good.“ John said standing.
        "Seen a lot of injuries, then. Violent deaths.” Sherlock said.
        “Enough for a lifetime.” He replied.
        “Want to see some more?” Sherlock asked.
        “Oh, God, yes.” John said, following Sherlock down the stairs.
        “Sorry Mrs. Hudson, I’ll skip the tea. Off out.”
        “Both of you?” She asked.
        “Impossible suicides? Four of them? There’s no point sitting at home when there’s finally something fun going on!” Sherlock kissed Mrs. Hudson’s cheek.
        “Look at you, all happy. It’s not decent. This isn’t about that new American detective is it? She’s very pretty Sherlock.” Mrs. Hudson said.
        “Good bye Mrs. Hudson.” Sherlock said, ignoring her comment about you. “The game is on!”
        Sherlock and John got in a taxi to follow you to the crime scene. On the trip over, Sherlock proved how he knew so much about John and his brother.


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Let’s have a moment to talk about John, the cabbie’s victims from ASiP and water.

All the cabbie’s victims in ASiP are John mirrors. Just after we’re shown John saying that nothing ever happens to him and having a gun on hand, indicating that he’s contemplating suicide at this point, we get a string of people who seemingly commit suicide to show what kind of scenarios would push John over the edge.

First, we get Sir Jeffrey Patterson, a man unhappily married to his wife, having an affair with a coworker in a purple shirt. John will be unhappy/suicidal if he remains married to Mary when he secretly loves Sherlock. Sir Jeffrey gets a cab to his death because the ruddy car that was supposed to pick him up went to Waterloo. John will commit suicide if Sherlock does not wait for him, but moves on towards another “water”, another emotional relationship.

Second, we get James Phillimore, a man unwilling to share an umbrella with another man. John will be unhappy/suicidal if he is more worried about what people might think than what he himself wants. James gets a cab to his death because he is literally soaked from the rain and refused to share Gary’s umbrella. John will commit suicide if he does not accept the shelter from emotional turmoil that Sherlock can provide in the form of a steady relationship.

Take care to note that Gary, the one holding the umbrella, is also wet in this scene, so the umbrella isn’t meant to imply emotional detachment but rather shelter from emotional turmoil. All in all, I think it’s actually pretty safe to assume that rain is meant to imply emotional turmoil.

Third, we get Beth Davenport, a woman coping with her responsibilities by drinking heavily. John will be unhappy/suicidal if he does the same. This is the only victim where water is not involved. Take care to note, though, that this is also the only victim where the reason for the “suicide” is not linked to romantic feelings.

Fourth, we get Jennifer Wilson, a woman with a string of lovers who’s been unhappily married for at least ten years. John will be unhappy/suicidal if he stays with Mary and copes by having a string of lovers. But this suicide, the most obvious of the John mirrors (they share initials), also seems to mirror the situation in the period from TBB to ASiB. John is unhappy with his relationship with Sherlock because the tension between them is unresolved and copes by dating a string of more or less indistinguishable girlfriends.

Jennifer Wilson’s coat is wet, but her umbrella is dry. Part of John’s love life is emotional, part is not. The part closest to himself (Sherlock) is the wet/emotional one, the part he uses to ward off emotional turmoil (girlfriends) is the dry/unemotional one. Jennifer Wilson is also wet under her coat collar. She’s turned it up against the wind, but the wind was too strong for her to use her umbrella. John tries to shield himself from his emotions (for Sherlock), but the wind is too strong for him to shield himself with an umbrella/the emotions are too strong for him to ward them off by having a string of girlfriends.

They really thought this through, didn’t they?




Ok, Sherlock comes back to life and Magnusson is still questionable (I couldn’t even get a propper picture of dead CAM … just the legs, sorry)  but a comparison of these three happenings is really interesting and telling.



Jefferson Hope is a serial killer in the very first episode of Sherlock BBC. He has already murdered four people before John shoots him. Hope suffers from an aneurysma and knows he won’t live long. He loves his kids whom he is parted from and wishes to pass on as much money as possible to them. That is the reason he lets himself be sponsored by Jim Moriarty. Because for every person he killes, money goes to his kids.

John followes Sherlock on it’s own to the meeting with Jefferson Hope at the Roland-Kerr Further Education Colleg. Only when he finally gets sight of the serial killer and his latest victim John becomes aware that he has chosen the wrong entrance. The crime is about to happen at that very moment in the builing opposite him. At this time John knows Sherlock for less than 5 hours I estimate. What he knows for certain is that he has to deal with a merciless serial killer who somehow 'persuaded’ his previous victims to take poisoned pills. And here John watches Sherlock from afar who is about to take one of Jefferson Hope’s pills into his mouth. There is no chance to get there in time to intervene personally. John shoots Jefferson Hope - who is unarmed except for his voice - with his handgun over a great distance and through a closed window.

Later Sherlock uses the words ‘crack shot’ and 'marksman’. Add a 'good portion of luck’ and the description is perfect. A handgun is not a sniper rifle and I highly doubt the possibility for a precise shot over that distance and under these circumstances. So we will never know for sure if John really aimed to kill Jefferson Hope or just to incapacitate him. In dubio pro reo - I would say.


Very little do we know for sure about the woman who calles herself Mary Morstan. From Sherlock and Magnusson we hear that she is a former CIA agent gone freelance at some time. Wet jobs and a lot of dead people are mentioned. Obviously she is indeed a very bad girl. There is also a good chance that she is involved with Jim Moriarty - that she is/was his chief assassin and one of the sniper at the pool in TGG. Five years ago she took on the false identity of the stillborn baby Mary Morstan and went under cover. In the profession of a nurse she makes the acquaintance of Dr.John Watson whom she marries.

So far it is unknown why Mary is in Magnussons office the evening Sherlock and John come to retrieve the letters of Lady Smallwood. Fact is she is there threatening Magnusson at gunpoint and Sherlock interrupts the whole event. With that Mary’s cover is blown and she knows Sherlock well enough to be sure he will never keep her secret from John. He is not a buisiness man like Magnusson with whom a deal is possible. Sherlock offers to help, Mary warns him to take one step in her direction, Sherlock - who is unarmed - ignores her and she shoots him right in the middle of the chest.

Sherlock flatlines in hospital. The doctors give up on him, they stop the treatment, switch of the lights and are about to leave the room. That’s the moment when Sherlock comes back to life. Hie survives. Not murder then - just surgery? I don’t think so. If anyone is shot in the middle of the chest there is no guarantee this person will survive. Mary shoots in cold blood and clearly with the intention to kill - but not instantly. Why? She knows that John will chase after Sherlocks murderer without hesitation but he will never leave the side of his badly injured friend. That is cruel and ruthless calculation. And what if Sherlock had obeyed her and not taken the one step foreward? The outcome would have been just the same. Mary wanted her secret to be save - Sherlock endangered it - therefore he had to be eliminated. No reason for doubt here.  


Sherlock contacts the media mogul Charles Augustus Magnusson on behalf of Lady Smallwood to retrieve compromising letters concerning her husband. After the CAM-Tower incident where Sherlock gets shot by Mary the master blackmailer Magnusson has even more dangerous material on Mary than before. To resolve this problem Sherlock is willing to arrange a deal with him. A deal combined with a clever plan, so Sherlock thinks. Accompanied by John they meet CAM at Appledore. But the carefully desighned plan goes wrong because it turns out that all the compromising information exists only in Magnussons mind palace - in his head. There is nothing to trade or deal with.

Magnusson maintains not only the upper hand, he gloats in his victory. He savours the thought of finally getting his hands on Sherlock’s brother Mycroft. He mocks them for being shortly arrested for high treason and is gleefully looking forward to the sensational headlines ot the next days. He threatens to inform people who hate Mary telling them where they can find her. And he humiliates John in front of Sherlock - flicking his face - demonstrating his power.

Sherlock bides his time waiting for Mycroft and his special force to show up. Then in front of all the witnesses he reaches for Johns handgun and shoots Magnusson - who is unarmed - in the head at a very short distance. Immediately afterwards he surrenders, drops the gun and kneels on the patio with raised hands. Up until the present day I can’t deside if Sherlock murdered Magnusson in cold blood or in boiling rage. Fact is - he killed CAM because this was the only way to erase his mind palace and with it all the facts of Mary's criminal past so John can have a happy and carefree future together with the woman he had chosen as life partner. No reason for doubt here too.


John’s motivation is to defend and save a life - Sherlock’s - from a dangerous serial killer - and from his own stupidity (John’s words).

Mary’s motivation is the rather selfish wish to keep the life she is leading and the man she married - at all costs - even at the cost of John’s happiness.

Sherlock’s motivation is definitely his selfless love for John and obviously he thinks killing Magnusson is the only way to ensure John’s happiness - at his own costs.


Mary’s action is definitely not comparable - neither to John’s nor to Sherlock’s. But what about a comparison between Sherlock and John? Are their motives similar? Is their action comparable? I pondered these questions long and thoroughly and I have to say …. NO.  They are also not comparable. Why? I have two questions for you to answer:

1. Would John shoot Jefferson Hope if his current victim would be someone other than Sherlock? Let’s say … Sir Jeffrey Patterson (Hope’s first victim)

2. Would Sherlock kill Magnusson if the blackmailer would threaten someone other than John?  Let’s again say …. Sir Jeffrey Patterson.

My answer to the first question is  YES, John would shoot Jefferson Hope to save Patterson. My answer to the second question is  NO, Sherlock would not kill Magnusson to ensure Patterson’s happiness. Sherlock kills out of love for John and I think before S4 is over John will have done the same.


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you’ve heard about the M-theory, now get ready for the J-theory


Jeff (Hope; villain from tsip)

Jeffrey (Patterson; first dead guy in tsip)  

Jimmy (dead guy with no umbrella)

Jennifer (Wilson; the woman in pink)  

Jacob (Sowersby; Sherlock’ fan from John’s blog)

Joe (Harrison; killing cyclist from tgg)

Jane (roomate of  Alex Woodbridge)


Jacqui (Stapleton)  

James (Sholto)


Jonathan (Small; the killing photographer)

John (Garvie; the first politian that Magnussen deduces)

Jane, the housemaid 

Jim (Moriarty)