jeffrey millett


New York Tenement Textures

I’ve moved on from only focusing on my “Star of the Sea” novel - it was very specific and found myself being stuck to just one subject.  Much like my last project I would like to create a collection with a vast range of designs so one doesn’t look anything like another (whilst still making it come together in a collection…tricky but I’ve done it before so no biggy).

I figured that the main way I would do this is to divide my collection in to sections.  I’m looking at the 1900s interiors of the immigrant’s homes once they moved to America.   My first section is “Texture”.  I’ve been looking at old images of inside these tenements and noticed the cracked walls with crumbling paint.  I thought this would look pretty cool as a contemporary textile design.

Hence my artist research!  I’ve mainly looked at two artists: Zhu Jinshi (third and fourthy images) and Jeffrey Millett (bright blue and yellow images posted).  They both layer different paints on to canvases and gradually over time these paints become tacky to touch and create really great “moments” on the canvas.  

I have created a few of my own mini ones where I was playing around with paints and how to drag it across the canvas.  So far I have created about 10 canvases and started on two large ones today.  Once these are all completely dry (hopefully by the weekend) I can scan them in and start to play around with some repeats…obviously I’ll post my findings!  But don’t expect anything Saturday afternoon, have got some serious rugby to watch.  

Gem x