jeffrey lewis & the junkyard

80s-sparklemotion-odeon  asked:

19, 24, 29 <3

19. A song that led you to a whole new genre?
“Broken Broken Broken Heart” by Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard. It led me to the wonderful world of anti-folk. Kinda like folk for punk rockers.

24. A song that you want to walk down the aisle to?
Black Eyed Susan by Paul Westerberg or You Are The Everything by R.E.M. I suppose? I’ve never really thought about it.

29. What song reminds you of a holiday you went on?
Honestly, anything by The Style Council. I was listening to them a lot when I went to Thailand last.

Thank you very much!


“To Be Objectified” By Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard