jeffrey hudson

Izzy Stradlin and the Argument

It was Friday night and you and Izzy Stradlin were in late working on your new band’s album, after Izzy left Guns n Roses he helped you form Orange County Queen.
You had yourself as lead guitar and vocals, Izzy on rythm and backing vocals, Roxy on Drums and Lizzy on bass.

The Girls went home early to get ready for a bug party downtown, they asked you and Izzy to go with them, but there was still so much to work on, you both passed on the party.

Since Izzy left Guns n Roses you’ve started to spend more alone time with him, with Axl, Saul, Duff and Matt/Steven around it was always hard to get alone time with Izzy. Sadly you were both couped up in the studio, but it was together, and that’s all that matters.

“So how about we add in my little blues riff here and then your solo?” He continued to point at the sheet of paper with chicken scratched lyrics.

“How about, my solo first, then your riff… I think it would work better!” You say defensively.

“The riff works better with this line though, just listen!” Izzy picks the Jet Black Les Paul and began to play the bluesy riff, he sang along with the music, you would never want to admit it, but Izzy is right… it does sound better.

“I still think my solo should go first, that IS the way I wrote my song!” You let a shit-eating grin creep across your face as the last chord rang out through the amp.

“Your a filthy liar!” Izzy said, lightening up after noticing your sarcasm.

“I am certainly not!” You set your hand on your chest and turn away acting appalled at Izzy’s statement.

“Are too!” He reached in and poked at all your ticklish spots.

“Am not!” You let out childishly.

“Are too!” Izzy stood from his seat only to pick you up off the stool and bring you over to the couch.

He laid you down on the tattered brown leather couch, and continued to tickle you, he swung his leg over and climbed on top (still tickling) until you were out of breath.

He looked down at you, your chest rising and collapsing.

“Hey, my eyes are up here buddy!” You say jokingly.

Izzy snaps from the trance and looks you in the eye, his black hair shiny in the dim light as it drops down covering his face slightly.

You reach up and move a chunk and tuck it behind his ear. His eyes twinkle as he examines your features smiling at the thought of kissing you.

Izzy licked his lips creating a glossy wet surface, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” you look at his lips anxiously waiting for him to lean down and kiss you.

He leaned down in close enough you could feel your hot breath tangle between your mouth and his, less than an inch from each other.

You leaned your head up a little to allow him to kiss you more comfortably before he leaned in towards your ear.

His hot breath moistening your ear as he whispered softly, “baby, I… Farted.

You let out a screech as you pushed him away laughing as he refused to leave his spot. He leaned down again and planted a long wet kiss upon your lips, as you drew in a deep breath in shock. You suddenly closed your eyes and set your hands on his jaw to keep him closer.

Suddenly a poison like smell burned your nose, “IZZY!” You say covering your nose with your shirt to mask the smell of fart.

“Your nasty!” You laughed.

“Thanks.” He took your reaction as a compliment and pretended to giggle and blush.

Slash Blows a Kiss

You had butterflies just thinking about him, knowing that tonight you would be able to see him, Guns were being aired on MTV at their concert tonight and you planned on staying up late to watch and then calling in sick in the morning.

You sat on the couch in front of the couch fidgeting with the remote as you waited impatiently for the boys to come on, even though there was still hours until they aired, you still were craving him, you and Slash had been apart too long. last time he called, a few nights ago, you mentioned flying out to meet up with the guys, but Saul just had to talk you out of it. His reasoning was that you had to stay home and work, or you would lose your job, and you would both get evicted from the apartment if you lost your job. Well at least it was a good point.

As the clock ticked and you flipped from channel to channel a food commercial came on, suddenly making you hungry. you stood from the couch and backed out of the living room, your eyes still glued to the TV, you were afraid if you took your eyes from the TV that would be when they would decide to play a commercial advertising tonight’s show. You opened the fridge and scanned the almost bare shelves.

Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer, Wine.

Well, looks like a grocery trip tomorrow. You thought to yourself as you closed the fridge door and opened up the cupboard, Chips and a cereal box with three cheerios left at the bottom were the only things left in the cupboards, the rest is just dust. You swiped the bag of chips and grabbed a beer and headed for the couch. Minutes went by before the phone rang.

“Hello?” you asked confused.

“Hey Y/N we have MTV on at the bar tonight,” said the owner of The Whiskey “I was wondering if you wanted to come on down and watch it here with the guys.”

You took a moment to think. It would probably be more fun there, instead of here by myself. you thought to yourself, “Yeah, why not.”

“Hurry down or you’ll miss it!” said jokingly.

“I’ll be there in 15!” you slam the phone on the base and rush to get ready, slipping into your leather pants and band shirt.

You put your leather jacket on, threw on you motorcycle boots grabbed some money from the bedside table, picked your keys off the hook and flew out the door.

within 15 minutes you were pulling up to the bar on your power cruiser motorcycle and were quickly scrambling for the door.

When you finally pulled it together and casually opened the door everyone at the bar turned their heads.

“Y/N!” A whole bunch of men dressed in leather covered in tattoos shouted. You made it down to the Bar counter and asked for a Jack and Coke.

You were well known at that bar, for many reasons including being Slash’s Girlfriend, and for being one tough motherfucker, you have been able to win fist fights with tall, buff bikers that walked in thinking they own the place, but you are the cowboy in that rodeo. Somethings are unmentionable as to why you’re famous there as well. A few dirty deeds done here and there can get you some rep. at a bar.

“Y/N, Come here.” Jim, a tall biker covered in Sailor Jerry tattoos reaches out and hugs you.

“Boys. How are you!” You Hi-Five and hug some of the other guys.

“You excited to see Saul tonight?” Him asks, his bald head glistening under the dim light.

“Yeah!” You reply loudly, “It has been too long with out him!”

The TV played out some music videos while fans waited impatiently all over the world to watch Guns n Roses play.

People were counting down the minutes as music video by music video played, suddenly the screen went black and your stomach began to turn.

This is it, his coming on stage now!

Suddenly they all to well known Sweet Child riff began and stage lights began to brighten.

Your eyes widened as you watched for Slash, just before Axl began singing Slashed stepped into the light revealing his shirtless body to the crowed and the TV, his fingers moved across the fret board delicately.

She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories, where everything was as fresh as a bright blue sky.” Axl sang aloud as the crowed sang with him. Every time the camera panned to Slash your pulse quickened.

Songs played out as you and the guys sang along, soft songs, loud songs and down right dirty songs played through and you loved every second of it.

suddenly there was a break in the show and the lights went out momentarily.

“Shut Up.” You heard a familiar voice speak loudly to the crowed.

Your pulse was spiking now as the crowed went silent and the lights came back on, “I want to say a few things here about this next song.”

Slash was on the screen looking directly at the camera… at you.

“My beautiful girlfriend is at home right now, watching me, like she promised, and I promised her I would play this song for here tonight, so if you know the words sing along, if you are here with your partner grab them by the ass and make out with them. Baby this song is for you.”

Slash started playing guitar and the tune became known, Patience was played, but when the first line came to… Axl wasn’t singing… Slash was.

You had butterflies as you watched your love play your favorite song, your eyes focused on him and only him. at the end of the song he walked right up the camera and kissed the lens.

You imagined his lips against yours and his hands on your hips and couldn’t contain yourself, you let out a little laugh as he did a silly dance for the crowed.

The concert came to an end and everyone at the bar began to clap, hoot and holler.

You grabbed your things and said good night to the guys before heading back home.

When you walked through the door the phone rang, “Jeez, I’m popular tonight!” you said aloud before picking up the phone

“Hello,” Your tired voice cracking slightly.

“Babe.” Slash’s voice came clear on the other end.

“Baby!” you livened up, “Baby, oh my god, that performance was amazing, you almost brought me to tears!”

“I knew I would get that reaction from you!” he said with a laugh.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes to see you, it has just been too long baby.” You said softly.

“Yeah, I know, I’m sorry, but I’m coming home soon, I promise.”

“Promise, promise?” you asked devilishly

“Promise, promise.”

You and Saul talked for a bit as you imagined him beside you, running his hands across your collar bone. He knew that’s what you where doing when you suddenly went quiet.

“Just imagine, my hands running down your sides and to your hips, slipping down your pants and moving around finding all your spots.”

you whimpered, wanting it to be real, the wet spot in your pants didn’t help any, you reached your hands down your pants as he continued talking seductively over the phone. You did the same to him and could tell he was horny just as much.

“SAUL!” Axl’s voice echoed on a different phone, scaring you both.

“FUCK OFF AXL!” Saul yelled back. and you heard the click of the phone hanging up.

“I guess that’s my cue to go out and sign stuff and talk for press.” he said softly, sounding bummed.

“Well don’t take me off your mind.” You said evil-like.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” You could feel his smile from right there.

You hung up the phone and sighed, while trying to catch your breath. You were horny now and had no clue as to what to do next.


Naps are always nice.