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(下の写真は昨年夏の TBM ロサンゼルスでのプレミア時、監督と3ショット)

25日土曜日、ライカーの tweet もありましたが、ツアーリハーサルのようです。夜は、ロスは昨日に引き続きスーツなお仕事。

ティーン・ビーチ・ムービーの Jeffrey Hornaday 監督が、全米監督協会賞(Directors Guild of America Awards) 子供番組監督賞にノミネートされたので、発表会場にロスとマイアの主役2人でお供、との事。

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Flashdance: The Remix


Title: Flashdance
Actor: Jennifer Beals
Director: Adrian Lyne
Choreographer: Jeffrey Hornaday
Dance double: Marine Jahan
Additional dance doubles for audition scene: Sharon Shapiro (gymnast), Crazy Legs (breakdancer)
Year: 1983

Music Video

Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Song: I’m Glad

365 Day Movie Challenge - #218: Shout (1991) - dir. Jeffrey Hornaday

There are a lot of interesting actors in this cast (John Travolta, Jamie Walters, Heather Graham, Richard Jordan, Linda Fiorentino, Scott Coffey, a particularly beautiful-looking Glenn Quinn, Gwyneth Paltrow), but it’s not a good movie. It drives me crazy when movies set during a certain time (in this case, the 50s) use music that’s obviously from the year when the movie came out. If you must, though, the movie’s available on Netflix Instant.