jeffrey garcia

Get ready for a BLAST from the past! 🚀

The cast of Jimmy Neutron is reuniting for the Season 3 premiere of the Nick Animation Podcast! Toon in tomorrow morning for our first episode with Debi Derryberry (Jimmy Neutron), Rob Paulsen (Carl Wheezer), Jeffrey Garcia (Sheen Estevez), and your host, Hector Navarro!

To celebrate, here’s a sneak peek at some of the original concept art releasing tomorrow with the new episode of our podcast!

“Welcome to the land of the free.”

DESIERTO — Official Trailer 

(US premiere set on LA Film Festival’s closing night, June 9 x )

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in ‘Desierto’ (2015). “It seems to be the latest trend for my career, to play a bad guy. Although, I think we made this movie over three years ago. It’s coming out now for very obvious reasons, I guess, but to coincide with what’s happening with The Walking Dead, it’s two horrible characters at once, which is kind of fun.”