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“What do I think about Jeffrey Dahmer? I don’t know the man personally, but I’ll tell ya this:

[Dahmer] is a good example of why insanity doesn’t belong in the courtroom. Because if Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet the requirements for insanity, then I’d hate like hell to run into the guy that does.”

- Serial killer John Wayne Gacy speaks about fellow murderer Jeffrey Dahmer

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had many complex sexual perversions, and one of his most deeply rooted fetishes was organs and body parts.

As a young child Dahmer was morbidly fascinated with dead animals, and kept a prized collection of preserved road kill that he spent hours touching and looking at. He studied medical journals that showed graphic pictures of surgeries and amputations, and was very knowledgeable about embalming chemicals and methods of preserving flesh.

Dahmer preferred muscled, well-built males as murder victims, and told FBI profiler Robert Ressler that he would often lie his head in a victims lap in order to hear the noise of digestion. He was sexually aroused by the process of dissection and dismemberment, and enjoyed feeling his victims organs after he had “studied” them (his phrasing)

Jeffrey Dahmer was an extremely unique serial killer, and there are many reasons why:

•Studies show that most serial killers only kill people of their own skin color/race. Jeffrey crossed these boundaries, killing both African Americans and Hispanics when he was white himself.

•Most serial killers start off abusing/killing animals. Jeffrey wasn’t like this. He performed dissections, but he never directly killed animals. He picked up animals that were already dead. He was an animal lover, and when he saw a dog being run over, he felt bad for it. He had a dog himself too.

•A common trait of killers is the ability to not feel any remorse or guilt for any atrocious acts they commit. Psychological reports prove that he did, in fact, show remorse. He was driven by his compulsions, and he couldn’t stop himself.

•While most killers are narcissistic and show off in court, Jeffrey wasn’t like this. During his trials, he sat emotionless, and didn’t wear his glasses because he didn’t want to associate himself with what was happening.

•Serial killers such as Ted Bundy showed that they didn’t want to die. Jeffrey, however, said he was ready to die. Whenever his mother called him in prison and asked him if he was fine, he would tell her that he didn’t care what happened to him. When he was killed, he didn’t make a noise, not even a scream.

•Some serial killers came from abusive homes. Other than the fact that his parents were always arguing with each other, Jeffrey was never abused.

Below is a list of items Jeffrey Dahmer used in his murders.

  • beer laced with sleeping pills
  • handcuffs
  • a leather strap (for strangulation)
  • battery acid. Dahmer would pour this into his live victims’ skulls
  • power drill
  • a Polaroid camera. He later masturbated over the pictures of the corpses
  • a power saw for cutting up the bodies
  • soilex (a type of cleaning powder) to dissolve flesh and hair
  • various chemicals and acids for the same reason 
  • formaldehyde to preserve some of them. Detectives found a head in his fridge preserved in this chemical.