jeffrey campbell heel


Spectacledchic’s shoes collection part 3: Heels

1) Vercelli Shoes by Madlen

2) Donata Shoes by Madlen

3) Greta Shoes by Madlen

4) Petra Shoes by Madlen

5) Daisy Heels by Becky-Sims

6) Jeffrey Campbell Foxy by Semller

7) Charles Anastase Platform Shoes by Leahlillith

8) Grosseto Shoes by Madlen

9) Vapour Platform Heels by Leahlillith

10) Pescara Shoes by Madlen

11) Jeffrey Campbell Dink Heels by Sweetabigailia

12) Megara Shoes by Madlen


This is SIMS 3 CC collection.

Please DO NOT CONVERT OR EDIT any of the items from my cc collection because they are not mine.

DO ASK the original creators’ permissions if you want to.