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Black off shoulder shirt / Black cotton shorts, $16 / Jeffrey Campbell chunky platform shoes / Brown tote bag / AllSaints initial jewelry / AllSaints double wrap bracelet, $23 / Annette ferdinandsen earrings / Forever 21 heart charm necklace / AllSaints shawls scarve / Round eye glasses / Kat Von D silver eye makeup / TOKYOMILK summer perfume / Beauty product / Colored pen, $6.25 / Black Fine Artist Pen

North Carolina Bush Person

It’s not often you see someone wearing designer brands from France, London, Italy and the US of A out in the rural woods. But alas, instead of a concrete jungle backdrop I stick with what I’ve got - the natural greenery of the North Carolina forests. 

This leads me to explain the title of this post. I absolutely love watching survival shows on Discovery Channel. Alaskan Bush People is weirdly one of my favorites. The featured family lives out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska building houses from scratch and traveling by boat to small, local towns for supplies such as timber. One time the family bartered for dental care, in return for six, fresh salmon. I digress - If you know me, I can’t make a post without mentioning seafood. Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon? Don’t mind if I do. 

I think the type of reality TV someone watches says A LOT about that person. Some of my friends love watching the unrestraint drama on Vanderpump Rules, while I love watching people eat bugs and build shelters out of palm trees. This is due to the fact that I would rather be sitting by a quiet lake than a 45-story rooftop pool overlooking a busy city. Although I am definitely not the survivalist type, according to a recent Buzzfeed quiz, I’d make an ace teammate. Besides boosting team moral while avoiding dysentery at all costs, I think I could last a week out in the wild - provided I had some sort of flint or lighter to get me started. 

One of my other favorite reality shows, Naked and Afraid, allows you to bring one item with you on your journey into the wilderness. Some people bring a pot, others a machete. I once asked my neighbor what he would bring and he said a lawn chair. Priorities, right? Now I know a tribal printed top, pencil skirt, and some kick-ass booties won’t get me very far in the wilderness, but a jaunt away from my front porch will do just fine. 

Top: Maje (similar), Skirt: Topshop (similar), Booties: Jeffrey Campbell (similar), Sunglasses: Fendi, Bag: Free People (similar), Bracelet: (similar), Necklace: Urban Outfitters (similar)