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Request:  John smut where it’s like a make up sex because they got into a fight and john was leaving but he comes back and smut?!

Pairing: John x reader 

Word Count: 1132

Warnings : Cursing, Smut

Originally posted by bagginshield

     It seems like it’s the same thing after every hunt. John tries to tell you every little thing to do, getting angry with you when you put yourself in harms way to protect him. Angry with you when you take over when he’s stalling, angry with everything that he has absolutely no control over. Your mother always taught you to honor a man, she believed in being a housewife, not working while the men do, cooking, cleaning, so forth. You? You didn’t want that, so your mom kicked you out. You’ll walk out before a man could try and make you do that shit. That’s when you got thrown into this life, the best thing you could think of is going to your uncle’s Bobby.

    Bobby taught you everything, he wanted you to be able to fight if anything came after you. He didn’t really have a choice with the way his house was. The thing’s he could finish in a weekend, you worked on the car’s in your spare time. Which was ninety percent of the time, until the Winchesters came stumbling in. You had met Dean and Sam as a kid; you would always play with Dean more though when he was at Bobby’s. You were only a month apart in age. I think that’s why John always tries to tell you do this, don’t do that. That’s where you stand today.

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