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Five Facts About Christopher Scarver (Jeffrey Dahmer’s killer)

Just thought I’d make a post about him, for anyone who’s interested in knowing more about him!

(1) Christopher Scarver is a convicted murderer and previously trainee carpenter from Wisconsin.  He was incarcerated for shooting three of his superiors at the place where he worked as a trainee carpenter because they refused to give him more money.

(2) Scarver dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, and was soon forced to leave his home by his mother, due to his heavy drinking.  When he was older, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, due to experiencing messianic delusions.

(3) On November 28th in 1994, Scarver, Jesse Anderson, and Jeffrey Dahmer were sent to clean some of the prison toilets.  Scarver managed to sneak in a 20 inch metal bar into the bathroom under his clothing.  Prison guards left the three men alone for 20 minutes.  Scarver took out the metal bar and brutally beat Dahmer and Anderson, both of them dying of the wounds they sustained.

(4) Scarver claimed that God told him to commit the murders, later saying that Dahmer taunted the other inmates, shaping his food into severed body parts, and seemed to feel no guilt for his crimes.  Scarver also claimed the guards purposely left him alone with Dahmer and Anderson because they knew he hated Dahmer and wanted Dahmer gone, also.

(5) After the murders of his fellow inmates, Scarver was put in solitary confinement for 16 years.


As most of you know, Josh McDermitt has deleted all social media over immature so called “fans” sending him death threats. I’m just saying this now, you are NOT a fan if you send death threats or even make fun of the cast. In all honesty you shouldn’t even have any social media if you do this. It’s childish and unnecessary. This hasn’t just happened to Josh either. It’s happened to Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Alexandra Breckenridge, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Austin Amelio, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and many more. It’s saddens me that this kind of behavior is in the fandom. The people that did this need to separate fantasy from reality. Because Eugene, Beth, Daryl, Carol, Jessie, Lori, Andrea, Dwight, Negan, etc… they don’t care what you say about them because they are FICTIONAL! But the cast have feelings. They have emotions. They deserve respect. They were doing their job. They don’t make the scripts, they go to set, go to make up, wardrobe, go over lines and do their job. I will tolerate no hate on my account or on any of my other social media accounts. You don’t like a character, that’s fine. Vent to me if you want too, but any hate on the actor, that will get you blocked. Hating a character is far more different than hating a human being! Because hating a character, they aren’t going to care, but hating a human being, no matter how much they try to ignore it, it gets to them. They’re people too. Respect them or get out of the family that does respect them.


Just my opinion.

16. James Blake, The Colour in Anything

15. De La Soul, And the Anonymous Nobody

14. Anderson .paak, Malibu

13. Young Thug, Jeffrey

12. David Bowie, Blackstar

11. Danny Brown, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’

10. Solange, A Seat at the Table

9. The Weeknd, Starboy

8. Childish Gambino, Awaken, My Love!

7. Travis Scott, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

6. Frank Ocean, Blonde

5. Kanye West, The Life of Pablo

4. Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered

3. A Tribe Called Quest, We Got It From Here…Thank You For Your Service

2. Kaytranada, 99.9%/Beyoncé, Lemonade (TIE)

1. Chance the Rapper, Coloring Book


Honorable Mentions

  • ·         Rae Sremmurd, Sremmlife 2
  • ·         Bruno Mars, 24k Magic

Anderson Cooper to Trump lackey Jeffrey Lord; “"If Trump took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it!”

That pretty much sums up ALL Republican traitors. Good job, Anderson.

the signs as characters from the x files
  • aries: john doggett
  • taurus: samantha mulder
  • gemini: walter skinner
  • cancer: monica reyes
  • leo: alvin kersh
  • virgo: diana fowley
  • libra: dana sculley
  • scorpio: alex krycek
  • sagittarius: fox mulder
  • capricorn: The Smoking Man
  • aquarius: The Lone Gunman
  • pisces: Jeffrey Spender

nbkilllers  asked:

hey i dont know if you've already answered this before but what are some of your favourite true crime books?

I have but I don’t mind answering again, and it usually changes as I read new books but here are some I really enjoyed.  There are so many I can’t even think of right now…but here are some I really enjoyed.