jeffrey & jack lewis


Jeffrey Lewis is a fantastic songwriter and performer. I think of him as one of the most honest and fine-tuned minds in the craft today, I love his melodies and Lyrics always. Jeff has also always been a very important figure in my life. I have shared many of my most active touring years with him, when days where 24hours+ and I was exhausting my own body while elevating my soul with friends and artists I will always cherish… In another song called LIFE, Jeffrey says that “Friends are just the people that you can talk with

Somebody to talk about that somebody to talk about this

But everyone changes and forever is a myth

Friends are just the people that you can talk with

A lot of them’ll leave but only a few you’re gonna miss” I sure feel that it’s been proven true of many people I’ve called friends along the way, but I’m hoping it will never will be of Jeff & Jack whom I adore and admire just like I always did…