This is the most beautiful and powerful realization you will ever have in your life.


You can change anything and everything at any given moment. It is your life. It is your right. It is your choice. Once you test this and find it to be true, you will feel of infinite power and ultimately, of infinite value.

It’s your canvas, paint it as you wish.

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David Foster Wallace one wrote, Every love story is a ghost story.“

I spent years reading and re-reading his works. And I’ve spent some time trying to figure out what he really meant by that. It’s always felt hauntingly familiar to me. This is just conjecture and I don’t want to sound incredulous, but tonight I was thinking about it as I drove home on a moonless and ominously quiet night (see what I did there) and… I thought, "I think what he simply meant by every love story is a ghost story, is that you never truly know if it’s real.” Maybe it was just something you thought you saw, you thought you felt, as sometimes there’s no logical explanation to the feeling of love. Sometimes you just see ghosts. If you’ve ever had what you believed to be an unfailing love, fail, you may know what I’m intimating, and maybe what Wallace was suggesting.

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David Foster Wallace wrote that Hal Incandenza consumed libraries. I proffer this. Ingest them inhalingly, digest them maddeningly, as they say, “You are what you eat.” Similarly, you are what you read, you are what you listen, you are what you associate, you are what you do, for where you stand, it’s where you are. As for who you are, it’s also where you stand, knowing, you have a choice. ~ Jeff Reiter
Art by Joshua Bronaugh
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I love anything that makes me think.

I love to exercise my brain.

I love anything that challenges me.

I love anything that is creative or innovative.

I love anyone or anything that is outside the box.

I love anything that questions my predispositions.

I love the smell of paint.

I love anything that makes me grow.

I love the night. I love the stars. I love dreaming.

I love art, be it painting, writing, music or the way a leaf lies a certain way in the grass.

I love seriousness. I love silliness.

I love the lost loves of my life.

I love everyone in my life and that ever has been in my life.

I love a hot shower.

I love this world. I see math and chaos in it.

I love connecting with things, especially other humans.

I love to figure something out. And then I really love when my hypothesis is destroyed.

I love to get choked up and cry. It reminds me that I give a shit. It’s my only true sense of pride.

I love every breath I’m fortunate to take.

I love Eggs Benedict.

I love a good tragedy. I love a good comedy.

I love anything that loves me.

I especially love anything that forgives me.

I love love.

I might love lamp.

I love the little things.

I love my children, dearly. I wish they really knew.

I love the song The Pass by Rush.

I love my parents, for doing their very best in with what they had to work with.

I love anything that evokes emotion in me.

I love anything that makes me feel alive.

I love this life. I love the passes. I love the path.

Written in 20 minutes this morning over coffee.

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A short story called, "Gum and Tuna"

I’ve never understood why when you buy gum at the grocery store, they ask you if you want it with you or in the bag? I want to say, “The bag is fine. However, can you hand me that can of tuna, and do you have a can opener handy? I want to dive into that in the car on the way home.”

Working on this three hours tonight. Guess how many times I stepped back, turned it sideways, upside down, looked at the picture, dug through my paints, stared at my palette, thought it would make good kindling, painted over parts…and over parts, realized the one ear is way too low and wondered if I was drinking when I drew it, changed the song on my iPod, stood up and walked ten feet back and looked at it again…over and over. It’s a laborious passion. This painting has challenged me more than any other. And I love that. #art #jeffreiter #painting

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