Why I'm excited #Scandal is back (in gifs)!

1. We will find out #WhereInTheWorldIsOliviaPope! And no matter where she is, we get to see this woman on our screens every Thursday again! 

2. We get to live tweet with the cast we love so much, and I can’t wait!

3. We get to see Tony Goldwyn’s (or Fitz’s, whatever) swag walk back on our screen!

4. We may get to see Drunk Mellie, and for this, “I’m celebratin’!”

5. I don’t know what’s in store for Huck’s family, but I’m excited about it nonetheless!

6. More “Sassy Abby” is coming our way!

7. The Malina Cam starts again!

8. Even though I’m very pro-Olitz, I can’t deny that Scott Foley is good eye candy!

9. Thinking about Jeff Perry getting ready for his scenes makes me smile…we all know why! ;)

10. I can’t wait to see what other plans and deceptions Papa Pope has up his sleeve!

11. Olitz, Olitz, Olitz

12. New #Scandal clothes to admire!

13. So no matter what happens, I’m going to sit back, tweet my fingers off, and relish in the fact that we will have #ScandalThursday and a #ScandalHangover again!!!!