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Wentworth Bloopers!!!

Travelling Soldier

Alright - I need to apologize in advance for this one, but I had to write it.  It was pretty much cockblocking me from writing my other story until I got it out.

This is a songfic based on Travelling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks.  I heard it on the radio a few weeks back and got it in my head…and then this story was born.  ***Words in italics are lyrics***

Bucky Barnes x reader - Vietnam war AU

Warnings: Angst.  ANGST.  Death. Probably typos and errors - it’s WAAAYYY past my bedtime and it hasn’t been proofed.  At all.

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The roleplay I’m currently working on takes place in the 1960’s, and because of that I had wanted to do some research on popular names from the time period for my characters. There’s so many names from different eras that aren’t as commonly used today, and I thought I’d make a compilation of my ten favorite names for boys and girls from the 1900’s to the 2000’s! If you end up finding this helpful, please like or reblog. 

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