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Camping With Cameron Dallas (Pt 4)

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A/N : Cam is 27 you are 25. i know thats kind of weird but Cam is already like 19…so its at least a bit okay i guess. sorry if its weird. im just changing up the ages for the storyline in this. (this is kinda gonna be like an epilogue)

i woke up to the sound of a monitor, a heart monitor, my heart monitor. i tried to open my eyes, but they wouldnt open. i heard a door open and the boys shuffling there feet over to the person at the door.

“Well boys. she will be fine. nothing too severe. She just has some heart problems and she has been on some unsubscribed medication.” I overheard. I assume it was the doctor.

“why would she be on unsubbed med?” I heard Taylor say. “Can i have a minute alone with y/n please?” i heard Cam say.

he grabbed my hand which triggered me to finally open my eyes. I saw the doctor and the boys calmly leave the room once i sat up.

“y/n….did you try to…you know…kill yo-” “yes.” i cut him off firmly.

i was very stable, then my eyes met Camerons. They were full of hurt. I felt tears race each other down my cheeks as i saw Cams eye fill with tears.

“y/n, please, if you ever….ever…feel like you need to die, come to me first. I would’t be able to live if you weren’t here anymore.” He said wiping my tears. “I promise you i will always come to you first if i feel the need to be gone.” i said into his shoulder as i hugged him.

5 years later

“night babe.” Cam said as he pulled my waist closer to him. “Night.” i said snuggling into his shoulder.

me and cam kind of just lived together now. we had our own apartment, our own food, our own car, and our own of everything together.

i woke up to Cam’s arms wrapped around me. i just stared at him for a while. a smile went across my face.

‘This guy, right in front of me, him, he saved my life so many times.’ i thought to myself.

i put my hand on his cheek which caused him to wake up. he smiled and kissed my nose.

“Morning. Happy 5 year anniversary babe.” He said pulling my waist to his. “Morning handsome. What shall we do for this special day?” i asked leaving kisses all over his face. “I’ll surprise you.” he said smirking. “Oh really? i guess i should get ready then.” i said smirking then slowly walked out of bed.

i took a shower and did my hair after my hair got dry.

i walked out of the bathroom in just my bra and panties on. i walked over to mine and cam’s closet then cam walked past me in just his sweats on and slapped my ass.

“CAM!” i screeched as i began laughing. “It seemed like you were asking for it.” he said walking into the bathroom with his towel around his neck.

i picked out my favorite dress along with a plain black jeffery cambell heels.

as i put those on, cam came out of the bathroom with the same sweats on as earlier. he was rubbing the towel against his hair to dry it. i smirked at him and he smirked back. he dropped the towel around his neck and he grabbed my waist from behind and kissed my jawline.

“why are you so damn gorgeous?” he whispered in my ear. “why are you so damn handsome?” i whispered back as i softly kissed him.

he released me and i walked over to the bathroom mirror with my mascara, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick in my hand. as i finished up my last touches of makeup, cam walked in the bathroom. he hugged me from behind and looked at me in the mirror.

in the car

“So. you going to tell me where we are going now?” i asked grabbing his hand. “you’ll see when we get there.” he said winking at me.

i scrolled through twitter for what seemed to be only a few minutes then cam pulled over. i gasped when i found out where we were.

“Oh my gosh cam.” i said putting my hand over my mouth and jumped out of the car.

he walked out of the car and walked over to me. he hugged me and i began to smile into his chest.

“ i can’t believe you brought us here.” i said kissing him.

i looked back up. There it was. that hill. that hill where i almost died. but then there was the tree. the tree where i finally kissed my lover today. where i cried my heart out. where i said i love you.

i quickly took off my shoes , grabbed Cam’s hand and ran up the hill. i found the bonfire that hasn’t been used in a while. and i found some hidden things that the boys and i have hidden.

i looked up to smile at cam every few minutes. i grabbed his hand and walked toward the tree where we had our first kiss.

i began to cry. but it was a good kind of cry. cam hugged my tightly and released me.

“Y/N , there is something really important i want to ask you. but i want everyone you and i love around us. so come on out you guys!” Cam said waving the boys my family and his family out from hiding.

Cam took a knee and i immediately began tearing up, i covered my mouth with my hand and started breathing heavily.

“Y/n, i know we have only been dating for 5 years, but we have known each other longer than ever. i would die without you. i want to know that you will always be mine. i will be here for you forever, and i hope you will be here for me too. so y/n, with the blessing of everyone here, Will you marry me?” He said pulling out the ring and holding my hand.

i gasped and sobbed happiness.

“YES! YES! HELL YEAH I’LL MARRY YOU!” i screamed jumping into his arms. he took my left hand and slid the giant diamond stud onto my finger.

and with that, cheers, whistles, and roars were being heard.

i was a secret, then exposed, then broken, then lonely and worried.

now, im happy, and engaged.

We all just have to wait. we have to wait for moments like this to change our sadness into a permanent happiness. Cause things change. we just have to be patient.

-okay. i know this one kind of jumped a lot. but i just kind of put things into reality. and if you guys want, i can make an imagine for the married life, im just going to have to name a new imagine for it. so yeah, tell me your opinions on this. tell me if you want to 'married to cam dallas’ imagine. up to you guys!“