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Bones AU

Harry and Draco fit so much with Booth and Brennan, like:

- FBI Special agent Harry Potter is a big hearted war veteran, who trust his gut and have faith in doing good and putting away bad people.

- World’s top forensic anthropologist Dr. Draco Malfoy believes in science and in his own methods, he cares only about the facts and has trouble with the whole spectrum of human feelings.

They end up working together and solving a lot of crimes and being the most successful team of FBI and fall in love eventually.

Can you picture it?

Pansy could be the free spirit artist, Hermione could be the head of the Jeffersonian Institute…

I just really need a drarry Bones AU.

Imagine dating Lance Sweets

You heard a quick knock on your office door, popping your head up to mutter a curt, “come in.” Working for the FBI was quite a stressful job especially when you were paired up with the Jeffersonian institute. 

 “Hey.” A voice utters. You look up to see your boyfriend of a couple years, Lance Sweets. 

“(Y/n), do you know what time it is?” 

 “No.” You reply tiredly raising up your hand to your mouth, covering up a yawn. Lance nods at you knowing you go into your own little world when you’re working.

 “You never cease to amaze me (Y/n).” 

 “That should be a good thing Dr. Sweets.” You grin widely. “It means I’m keeping you on your toes.“ You hear your boyfriend let out a breathy laugh. 

 "I think it’s time for us to head home.” Lance looks at you with pleading eyes. “Alright, alright. We’re going home.” Muttering a quick ‘yes’ and a fist pump from Lance, you get up from your desks chair and head over to give your boyfriend a quick kiss. He wraps his arms around you as you exit your office, locking the door for the night. 

 “I love you Lance.” 

 “Love you too (Y/n).”

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 #ThankYouBones Week: Day 2  11 Temperance Brennan character growth moments

I wish I had a beautiful gifset for this day but, again, I don’t have enough material to do it  😭 That’s why instead I decided to collect my favorite quotes/dialogue that for me represents Brennan’s character growth. You can find it after the ‘keep reading’. Enjoy. 

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Character: Angela Montenegro

From: Bones

Representation: Racial (Biracial, Asian), LGBTQIA+

Their Importance:  Angela is an artist and the forensic facial reconstruction specialist at the Jeffersonian Institution. She is the only person in the lab who does not hold an advanced science degree and she uses her skills as an artist to make the lab’s three-dimensional graphics and computer simulation systems. She created the the computer system that is used in the lab named the “Angelatron”, for which she wins a fellowship.

Angela is free-spirited and known to have had many romantic relationships. She rekindled her relationship with Roxie, an ex-girlfriend from art school in season 4, after she ends her engagement with Hodgins. They break up and eventually she gets back together with Hodgins, and they get married and have a son. Their relationship is very loving and healthy, even after going through many hardships together.

She has actually been described on the show as “the heart of the operation”. Early on she was unsure of her ability to handle the graphic violence she was exposed to regularly at the lab. However, Dr. Goodman, the director of the Jeffersonian, spoke of the vital importance of her work in adding an element of humanity to the victims, returning their identity. She still continues to paint and later on take up photography as to keep the artist part of herself still alive. She even on an occasion refers to her facial reconstructions as “art”.

Thanks to @bisexualhermionepond for the write up!
'Bones' Creator Hart Hanson Pens Emotional Farewell to Beloved Fox Drama

Fox’s longest-running scripted drama begins its final season Tuesday.

On Dec. 9, Bones shot its last scenes because it had come to the end of its record-setting run. (It’s the longest-running scripted hour in Fox history!)

For 12 seasons, Stage 6 on the Fox lot was home to the Jeffersonian Institute Forensics Laboratory in Washington, D.C., and series-finale director David Boreanaz was tasked with filming the last sequence involving the main characters who had inhabited that fictional but oh-so-real setting for more than a decade. Mostly around an area on the set we call “the platform.”

The characters whom FBI agent Seeley Booth dubbed “Squints” in the pilot (because they are scientists who look at things and “squint”) were there: pathologist Camille Saroyan, bug and slime expert Jack Hodgins, forensic artist Angela Montenegro and the intellectual-center-around-whom-they-all-revolved, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Without spoiling the series finale, let’s say there was a certain elegiac quality to it.

As there was with the director and cast — Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor, T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin and Emily Deschanel — because everybody knew it was the last time this core cast would work together.

Not bad for a little comedic procedural that mostly flew beneath the radar. Never a critical darling, never a smash success, never beloved by the Fox network, Bones was the Little Engine That Could. Moved around the schedule like a sacrificial pawn, Bones nevertheless survived longer than anyone could have imagined.

Director Boreanaz called “cut” a little early so that cast and crew could gather for a photo on the platform. Which is when the most wonderful thing happened: spontaneous speeches! It was surprisingly emotional. I enjoyed standing with the cast and crew on the platform watching speeches from cast and crew unfold because I started this carnival/parade/movable feast by writing the Bones pilot in my backyard shed in 2004.

Of course, 20th Century Fox Television could lay claim to starting the Bones ball rolling because they hired me to write. So might producer Barry Josephson, who had first seen potential in the life and times of real-life forensic anthropologist and novelist Kathy Reichs who, come to think of it, was there before any of us. On the other hand, it was director Greg Yaitanes who first saw how to take typing-on-a-paper and turn it into a living TV series. Of course it’s the cast who turned concepts into believable characters. Not to mention a network who bought the series.

So, all in all, pretty silly for me to claim credit for starting Bones.

These were the thoughts going through my head as cast and crew spoke on that last day, after that last amazing group photograph was captured.

What the hell could I say, facing those people?

Not much, it turns out, because suddenly looking at cast and crew smiling down at me from the platform, I saw faces of people who had given blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul to Bones for season after season. For years! I saw the children who were born. Couples who married. All the shadows of cast and crew past. Not to mention the ghosts of a few of our own who had died while Bones was in production.

It’s a miracle that forensic platform didn’t collapse under the weight of that whole damned village! But, of course, it didn’t collapse. Like everything else attached to Bones, that platform (essentially our main stage, the center of the series) was constructed by professionals who took pride in their jobs.

Thanks, everyone. Thank you so much.

You did a wonderful job.

We’re all going to miss us all.

The final season of Bones airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.


2016 bones challengeday 3: first episode you watched, and when (august 2010)
“My name is Brennan. I’m Dr….. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a Forensic Anthropologist. I specialize in identifying….. in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was a science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper. My brother….. I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.”


TOP 10 BONES EPISODES → #5: the woman in the limbo
↳  “ My name is Brennan. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan. I work at the Jeffersonian Institution. I’m a forensic anthropologist. I specialize in identifying people when nobody knows who they are. My father was science teacher. My mother was a bookkeeper. My brother- I have a brother. I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan.“


These are titanium rib-clippers from Germany. My last job? Used bolt cutters from Home Depot. These are much, much nicer. This autopsy table? Has downdraft ventilation. No rotting corpse smell. My last table didn’t even have a drain. Think about that for a second. Leaky corpse, no drain…I’ve spent my whole professional life in basement rooms with no windows. And now I’m in the Jeffersonian Institute.


Wendell eyes possible new love interest in ‘Bones’ sneak peek

On the mend after a battle with cancer, squintern Wendell is ready to get back into the dating game.

In an exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s episode, the fan favorite strikes up a convo with his chemotherapy nurse, and ends up snagging himself a date.

Way to go, Wendell.

Elsewhere, the all-new episode will also see the team investigating the death of a college psychology professor whose controversial social experiments earned him many enemies in life, and leaves the Jeffersonian Institute with many suspects in his death.

It will also mark the first time that Bones is forced to work with Aubrey closely, as Booth finds himself in traffic school, which we’re sure he’s going to go to willingly and cooperatively. Kidding — he’s definitely going to hate it.

The episode airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

King Of The Lab

Summary: Dan and Phil are forensic anthropology students. Phil makes a tv show reference that only Dan understands, they go back to Dan’s flat and have a marathon.

Genre: fluff and smut

Warnings: swearing, handjobs, mentions of death and murder

A/N: the reference is out of a tv show called Bones. Extremely good show 10/10 would recommend. There’s a couple terms you may not understand if you aren’t into bones and medical stuff so the ones that come to mind that I’ll define for you are:

Maxilla - upper jaw bone
Zygomatic arch - cheekbone
Forensic anthropologist - scientist who studies bones and helps determine how victim died
Para-mortum - before death

I really liked writing this! Hope you enjoy!


It was the early hours of Thursday morning when the group of students got called into the lab. They were studying to be forensic anthropologists and often got called into the Madison Lab to analyze bones. It just so happened on this particular morning though, that two students got switched into the group. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, but these two specific students hadn’t ever been together, and soon after, they forget what it feels like to be apart.
“I found a small fracture on the maxilla, adjacent to being punched, but this still isn’t cause of death.” Jared grumbles as he looks over the bones. It’s been a long morning and all the students were getting really tired of looking at the same fractures and breaks and discoloration that they had found 3 hours ago. Missy was falling asleep standing up, Jared just stormed off the platform, and Olivia had gone to get coffee. Now the only two left working on the bones were the two students who got switched in, Dan and Phil. Dan was working on the pelvis, trying to find evidence of cause of death from getting hit by a car, but so far coming up dry. Phil was working up at the spinal cord, not looking for anything specific, but just hoping and praying he could find something.

Dan sighs, abandoning the pelvis as there’s no more evidence to be found there and moves onto the feet and ankles. There were tons of breaks there, all para-mortum, but none indicating cause of death.

Phil continues looking at the skull and spine, squinting as he brushes his finger over the zygomatic arch. There are lots of fractures, but not bad enough to be cause of death. He swings the magnifying camera around and positions over the fractures. He peers into the lens and his eyes widen.

“So Phil, the only conclusion I can come to is the victims feet and ankles got run over by the murderer’s car as he drove away. But that can’t be cause of death so I’m stumped.” Dan says.

“I-I’ve got it! I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it!!” Phil exclaims. Dan rushes over and high fives him.

“Yes! Finally! What is it??” Dan asks.

“Okay so we know that our victim got hit with a metal pole, which caused the fractures on his zygomatic arch. Just fractures can’t kill someone on that part of the body. But, intercrainial bleeding can. So what happened is that the murderer hit our victim with the metal pole, which caused him to black out. Blacking out causes intercrainial bleeding. He stayed unconscious long enough for the bleeding to kill him. But before he was dead, the murderer ran over his ankles and feet with his car as he drove away, so that if he did become conscious again, he wouldn’t be able to move. And I know all of this because of the staining that you can see if you look in between the cracks. It’s slight, and that’s why I couldn’t see it without the magnifier!”

“Hell yeah Phil!!” Jared exclaims.

“Good job mate!” Missy says.

“King of the labbbbb!!!” Phil shouts.

Dan starts cracking up, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh my god Phil, who are you, Hodgins?”

“Of course I am, he’s king of the lab, I’m king of the lab, we are one.”

Dan chuckles, wiping the tears off his face. The two of them turn towards the other students, and are met with very confused faces.

“Wait” Phil says, “have you guys never watched Bones before??”

Jared shakes his head. “Sorry mate I’m lost.” Missy nods in agreement.

“You guys are forensic anthropology students and you’ve never seen Bones?? Are you sure you belong here?” Dan inquires.

“Nope. But since Mr. King Of The Lab here figured out cause of death I’m gonna go take a nap so I don’t fall asleep on top of a skeleton. See you guys later.” Missy says as she walks off the platform.

“Same here. Good job mate.” Jared says, following Missy down the stairs.

“Dude that honestly made my day. I can’t believe they’ve never seen that show.” Dan says to Phil as they tidy up.

“Me either. That show is my life. It’s what made me wanna study forensic anthropology.” Phil answers.

“Same man.” Dan says. He hesitates before speaking again, he just met Phil but he’s already developing feelings for him. The chances of him liking guys are slim, but might as well try anyway.

Dan turns to face away from Phil, takes a deep breath, and speaks.

“Any chance you’re interested in a Bones marathon at my place? I’ve got popcorn.”

Phil smiles and responds with, “I’d love to! I don’t even have any coursework that I need to get done so I won’t be panicking the whole time. It’s been a while since that happened.” Phil chuckled.

“Awesome!” Dan responds, a flood of relief washing over him that Phil agreed. He didn’t think anything would come of it, but hey, at least he has someone to fanboy with.
The drive from the lab to Dan’s flat is short. Phil hums along to the radio comfortably and glances at Dan every once in a while. They share small innocent smiles, Dan jumping to conclusions like usual. Oh he’s smiling at me bet he wants to fuck. Yeah, of course that’s what that means.

Dan unlocks his flat and Phil is greeted by a small room littered with little trinkets Dan has collected over the years, most given to him by family and friends.

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn. Make yourself at home!” Dan calls out, heading into the kitchen and leaving Phil alone to snoop. He walks over to the couch and picks up a coffee mug that is on the end table. It has the Jeffersonian Institute emblem wrapping around it. Phil grins, thinking about the same mug he has in his cupboard at home. He places it back down on the table just as Dan walks in with a huge bowl of popcorn.

“Like the mug?” Dan asks.

“Yeah it’s awesome, very familiar. I have the same one at my house.” Phil responds.

Dan grins. “Well you have quite the taste in mugs. I was thinking we could have the marathon in my room. Sorry if that’s weird, but Netflix takes forever to load out here and the wifi in my room is pretty good and-”

Phil places his hand on Dan’s hip, causing him to stop mid-sentence and take in a sharp breath.

“Dan, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all.”

Dan smiles and lets out the breath he was holding. “Oh okay. Um let’s go then. It’s just down this hallway.”

Phil follows Dan down a dark hallway lined with little framed pictures of funky modern art. They seemed to fit Dan’s aesthetic quite well. Even knowing very little about him, Phil could feel that there was something between them. And though the chance of Dan liking guys was slim, he hoped that it might work out anyway.

Dan flipped the switch on in his bedroom and Phil was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The bedsheets were checkered with black, white, and gray, and he had fairy lights around his headboard. There was a piano against one wall, and a huge mirror across from it. And it the corner, there was a plastic skeleton with a sign taped to its ribcage reading, “Joe”.

“I like your room” Phil says with a smile. “Very aesthetically pleasing.”

Dan blushes. The words sound so sweet coming from Phil’s lips. The lips he wants presses against his own, becoming swollen from making out on his bed for hours on end. But of course, those thoughts had to be pressed way way down.

Phil hops onto Dan’s bed and he gets a sudden thought. This is Dan’s bed. The bed where he probably sleeps in nothing but boxers, the bed he’s probably jacked off in, the bed where he’s probably fucked girls. Because the chances of Dan liking guys, are slim.

Dan clears his throat to end the awkward silence. Phil snaps his head up, realizing he’d been staring at the bed for way longer than appropriate.

“Sorry I had a stare, um shall we start?”

“It’s okay, yeah let’s do it.”

Dan switches off the lights and sits on the bed next to Phil. He grabs a tissue box off his nightstand and leans his phone against it so neither of them would have to worry about holding it. Phil shuffles down the mattress, laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand. Dan stays in the same position, thinking it’d be a bit weird to copy him.

“So should we start with the first episode or…” Dan asks.

“Nah, let’s do season three. That’s one of my favorite seasons. As much as it pains me to see Booth and Brennan not together, I love the episodes.” Phil answers.

“Same actually alright let’s do season three.” Dan selects season three episode one and hits play.
It was 4 episodes in where the cliché, “we both reached into the popcorn bowl at the same time and our hands touched this is awkward but my heart actually skipped a beat”. It was 6 when Dan’s arms got tired from holding himself up for so long. It was 8 episodes in when Dan and Phil were curled up together and had moved the phone so they could still watch while cuddling. And it was 9 episodes in when Dan’s arm had fallen asleep from it being wrapped around Phil’s torso for so long.

“Phil, hey I’m really sorry but my arm is asleep.” Phil laughed and sat up.

“Sorry” he whispered.

“No no it’s okay believe me, I am quite enjoying cuddling with you.” Dan replies. Phil smiles and snuggles up into Dan’s chest, grabbing Dan’s hand and playing with his fingers.

It finally came to the part in the episode where Carolyn was forcing Booth and Brennan to kiss under the mistletoe in order for her to do what they wanted. This was one of Dan’s favorite parts of season 3, as he shipped Booth and Brennan more than any couple in the world. The camera panned up to show the mistletoe and Phil let go of Dan’s hand and paused it, the mistletoe staying on the screen. Phil sat up and just as Dan was about to ask what the hell he was doing, Phil raised the phone into the air and looked up at it. Dan looked up, then back at Phil, then up again. He swallowed and tried to keep his breathing steady. Was this actually going to happen? Is this Phil trying to get me to kiss him? Am I supposed to lean in? Is he going to lean in? Oh my god universe help me what on earth am I supposed to do??

Phil opened his mouth slightly and faintly whispered, “can I kiss you?”

Dan had gone speechless. All he could do was nod. Phil leaned in, still holding the mistletoe above the two of them, and pressed his soft lips onto Dan’s. They both took a second to realize what was actually happening, but soon they had a rhythm, and could taste the butter and salt on each other’s lips. Phil put the phone down and grabbed Dan’s jaw, deepening the kiss. Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist and pulled him closer, wanting to be as close as physically possible. Phil began to move to the left, rolling himself down so he was laying on top of Dan. He moved his hands from Dan’s jaw to his stomach, lifting his shirt a bit and pressing his thumbs into Dan’s hips. Dan bit Phil’s bottom lip, earning a small moan from Phil. He detached from Phil’s lips and Phil began to whimper, but soon stopped as Dan flipped them over so now he was on top.

He sat up and removed his shirt, tossing it onto the ground, and then played with the bottom of Phil’s, asking permission to do the same. Phil nodded and Dan tugged it off. He latched his lips onto Phil’s jaw, sucking and biting to leave hickeys. Phil let out a breathy moan as Dan moved to his neck and found his sweet spot. Dan continued to suck and bite and lick on the hickeys, blowing on them every once and a while to send a shiver of pleasure up Phil’s spine. Dan kissed down Phil’s chest and left small bruises that faded away easily. He went back up to Phil’s mouth and kissed him hard. Phil was getting harder by the minute. He decided to take matters into his own hands and flipped them over again. They could hear the faint sound of the episode of Bones playing but ignored it.

Phil started grinding on Dan, eliciting deep moans from Dan and breathy ones from Phil. Phil started sucking on Dan’s neck and Dan’s breathing got erratic. He arched his back off the bed and bucked his hips up, begging for friction, needing Phil to grind on him again. Phil kissed his lips again and fumbled with the button on Dan’s jeans. He popped it open and pulled the zipper down, Dan’s cock springing free from the restraint. Phil continued to kiss Dan, now simultaneously palming him through his boxers. Dan moaned into Phil’s mouth, Phil’s already aching dick starting to leak precum at the sounds. Dan undid Phil’s jeans and slid them down his thighs. And in that instant, Dan and Phil’s worries were gone, and that slim chance of either of them liking guys, was actually proven correct.
Dan grabbed the tissue box they had knocked off the bed and wiped off their chests. Both boys were sweaty and had extreme cases of sex hair. Dan threw away the tissues and pulled Phil into his chest, letting out a content sigh as he held the boy in his arms. Phil turned slightly and pecked Dan on the lips thinking, hey he might’ve fucked girls in this bed, but he’s also fucked me. Dan’s nerves had completely gone and were replaced but happiness and security, knowing that no matter what happens after this, Phil will be by his side. And as the sun sets and turns the sky pink and orange, Dan and Phil fall asleep, cuddled together, bodies pressed up against each other, not wanting any space between them self and the boy they loved. Their breathing evens out and soon they are both asleep, dreaming about adventures to come, all done together. And as the sun fully sets in London, a message appears on Dan’s phone, “Are you still watching, ‘Bones’?”