“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“

Hamilton: We signed at treaty with a king who’s head is now in a basket. Would you like to take it out and ask it? *pulls out King Louis’ head and starts playing around with it*


Jefferson: We’re in the middle of a Cabinet Meeting here!

Hamilton: Oh yeah King Louis’ head doesn’t care if we honor our treaty because he’s dead

i need a firestorm body swap for a few reasons but all of them bc we all need it

@doctorlightwood ur in on this too

  • some time bullshit happens idk, body swap. done. slow day at the office week in the temporal zone so they’re not too worried. gideon says it’ll wear off. all good.
  • at first martin’s fine because he’s used to it and jax is laughing the whole time because wow, being in gray’s head for a change even if it’s not quite the same
  • martin still staying on a healthy diet because obviously, jax will need his body back at some point and he wishes he laid off the fries when he was younger, the CHOLESTEROL
  • (he does still sneak a few chips, because jax insists)
  • and martin revels in the fact that he can move more easily and more fluidly and wow he hasn’t been able to move like this in decades
  • but then he twists the wrong way and his knee completely locks up
  • (”jefferson, i had no idea your knee was this bad.” “don’t worry about it gray.” “we could have gideon look at your knee – ” “just leave it. please.”)
  • martin ends up worrying anyways but jax brings up how he doesn’t wanna go pee and then they’re bickering over nothing again
  • jax in the meantime is enjoying completely fucking with the team and spouts complete nonsense at any question, but still tells people he knows best
  • ray catches him when they stumble across something in hebrew trying to find out more about the spear and jax completely fumbles the pronunciation
  • “shouldn’t we tell the team?” “later”
  • sara, mick, and amaya figured it out ages ago: sara is also fucking with stein stein, mick is watching, amaya thinks it’s funny but acts like nothing is happening for the sake of the illusion. nate tries to conspiracy theory the whole thing out but sara drags him away shushing him cos this is the best thing to happen on the ship all week
  • “miss lance.” “marty.”
  • oh man sara got amaya to start calling jax-as-martin weedman
  • martin’s so horrified
  • still going back and forth on martin being the body of firestorm like i know that’s not how they made sense of it supposedly on the flash but let me live
  • alternatively, martin to jax: how do you fly this thing
  • jax: is singing shit in his head (their head?) like how you like me now bitch
  • ofc in an actual battle jax helps because he’s a good baby and they gain some more Mutual Respect™ for each other and their roles in firestorm
  • uhhhh jax teaching gray some engineering stuff for the ship and martin teaches him some theoretical physics stuff and them working more on the fact that jax is a literal prodigy what the fuck
  • this furthering martin subtly aggressively trying to set him and lily up
  • also jax pulling this shit

there’s so much

The Legion of Doom

What I’ve noticed about The Legion of Doom is that they are always properly dressed for the time period they are in but they probably don’t have a wardrobe full of clothes as The Legends do…so there are two possible suggestions that come into mind:
1. Malcolm and Damien send Eobard to fetch them the propper clothes every time (which i find completely hilarious by the way, just imagine his face)
2. They all go shopping before they go do mischief (which will be even funnier…just…Malcolm will be so posh about ti…taking about two and a half hours to choose his tie…they’ll never get anything done)

J u S T   i M a G i N e