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character: Mark Jefferson

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Chloe's deaths

I don’t get why people think her shooting herself in the junkyard is not a canon death?

The point is, if Max wasn’t there, Chloe would be dead cause she would shoot the bunker (Chloe shoots the bunker if you take too long to tell her what to shoot) and nobody would be there to rewind time and save her, just like when Nathan shot her or when she almost got run over by a train. I know some of you guys are saying that “but not everyone chose the option where Chloe shot herself!” but the thing is if Max was NOT there to tell her to shoot something other than the bunker, Chloe would still shoot the bunker and be dead. “But if Max wasn’t there, Chloe wouldn’t go to the junkyard either,” then Chloe would’ve been dead from Nathan killing her anyway.

Max not being there to save her was her supposed death and that’s why this death is the same as any other death. I know I sound like I’m ranting but just saying lol (and yes I do think the three bullets represents the three deaths by bullet).


okay, fuck.

i dont think many people know about this, i only found it the third time around. in Chloe and Rachel’s den in the junkyard? the place is trashed. and there’s this.

immediately before Jefferson shoots Chloe on Rachel’s grave and drugs Max.

now, apart from how extremely fucked up this is, why the fuck?

i have a few ideas.

who would do this? there are only two people it can be, right? but who would?

we know Jefferson is in the junkyard. i know we know next to nothing about this guy’s true nature yet, but every move he’s made so far has been calculated. why would he choose to write this, specifically?

“Rachel was IS here”

we know at this point that this is accurate. but why would Jefferson ever write that? if anyone else happens across the den, won’t they be a little bit curious about the death threat concerning three missing girls (i have no doubts that the plan is to kill Max, too), that states one of them “is here”? won’t they then be able to piece together what really did happen to Rachel Amber?

next theory: Nathan wrote it, and is in the junkyard with Jefferson (OR heading off the the Dark Room to prepare). no one has seen him all night, which probably means he’s in the junkyard, the Dark Room, or dead, in my opinion anyway. i mean, look at it. it looks like someone with some red paint had a temper tantrum. sound familiar?

on the other hand, this could be a frame job. Jefferson could have deliberately made the whole thing look like Nathan (aka, a spoiled and troubled kid who has already been suspended for drugging Kate - or not, depending who you chose to blame, but I bet it’d still be fairly easy to convince anyone who knew him that he unleashed his rage on Rachel, Chloe and Max). the handwriting on the two threats isnt the same. he could be finding a way to shift the blame so he doesn’t go down.

i dont know how many versions of the ending have the graffiti in the junkyard, so i’d appreciate some other perspectives. how many of you found this little detail? also in general, what do you guys think about my theory? feel free to add your own!

Did anyone notice in Episode 2 there’s a scrap of an old t-shirt caught on something–it looks like just scrap metal–really close to Rachel’s grave in the junkyard? When Max looks at it she comments on how it looks like an old punk rock t-shirt and I all of a sudden got really sad because I realized it was probably part of Rachel’s shirt and that meant she most likely put up a struggle before she died. 

We’ve all seen the pictures in the dark room, but Max comments that Rachel’s photos are different, that she’s awake and she looks pissed as compared to Kate who was so out of it that she didn’t even know what was happening. This leads me to believe that Mark wanted Rachel to know that she was going to die and he wanted to capture that fear and that rage as he put her through whatever horrors he subjected her to on that night in the dark room. 

Her death itself is very interesting because Mark, as far as we know, hasn’t killed any of his other subjects. If he was systematically murdering young girls, someone would have noticed by now, so I have a gut feeling that he just dopes them up so much that they can’t remember what happened, Rachel and Kate being the exceptions. The circumstances of Rachel’s death though seem to suggest that Mark was very angry with her, that she did something that upset him, that hurt him so deeply that he wanted her to feel pure despair before he murdered her. The way she was buried was extremely disrespectful as well, if you think about it. She was wrapped up in a plastic bag and thrown into a shallow grave amongst piles of unwanted trash, so what does that say to you about the state of Rachel and Mark’s relationship at the time of her death? Obviously, something happened between them, but I’m still not quite sure what that is. 

Regardless, I think that Rachel was alive when she arrived at the junkyard, restrained, maybe, but alive. I think that was where she died and I think she fought for her life with every ounce of strength that she had, but obviously that wasn’t enough. I believe that it’s an extreme possibility that she was dead or near death when she was posed with Nathan and I honestly believe that he was just as out of it as any other of Mark’s victims during the time of Rachel’s death.

I’m only saying this because I want to think that, in the end, Rachel fought for her life. I want to believe with everything in my heart that she had a real fighting chance, but Mark was stronger and Nathan was too out of it to do anything to help. I want to believe that Rachel didn’t just die, that she didn’t just give up, because everything we know about her from everyone else in Arcadia Bay says otherwise.

And, just so no one takes it the wrong way, I am not at all sympathizing with Mark Jefferson. There is no way possible that he can be the victim in this situation, even if Rachel did break his heart or something. I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this mystery, so please, do not mistaken my words, Mark Jefferson is a sick, sick man and like many of you, I’m hoping that we can sparta kick him into the tornado in the last episode because that would make all the tears worth it.

Mr. Jefferson - and in 1835  Henry Fox Talbot produced durable silver chloride camera nega……

‘Max walks in with Juliet’

Mr. Jefferson - Max, you’re late, and Miss Watson isn’t in this class

Juliet - Actually Mr. Jefferson, Max wants to tell you that…

Max - ‘silences Juliet’ Juliet please, I can speak for myself. I’m transferring to the Journalism department

Victoria - ‘tearful wail’ Noooooooooo!

‘runs over to Max and falls to knees’

Victoria - ‘wailing’ Max nooooooooo, don’t TRANSFER ! I’m sorry for being so mean to you ! What do I have to do to get you to stay ?! Do you want my 3D printer ?! It’s yours ! Just don’t leave me D= ‘wraps arms around Max’

Max - Victoria listen,’crouches down’ The Journalism department NEEDS photographers for the paper. Literally every student on campus will see our photos, whether it’s on the front page, or the new weekly photography showcase they’re putting up. People will notice our talent there, just as much as they do here, and we wouldn’t have to deal with Mr. Trying too hard ‘juts thumb out at Mr. Jefferson’

Victoria - Y-you said “our” ‘hiccups’ You mean…..

Max- Yeah, I was planning on convincing you and Kate to join me…..

Victoria -‘embarrassed’ Oh ! ‘gets up immediately composing herself, wipes tears off face’ What I meant to say, is that I won’t let you get all that exposure for yourself CAULFIELD !

Kate - Ok,’gets up’ I wasn’t looking forward to being in this class without you anyway Max. I might have had to talk

‘Max, Kate,Victoria, and Juliet leave. Victoria clinging to Max’s hand’

Mr. Jefferson - Great ‘tosses papers down’ I just lost all of my IMPORTANT students

Stella - But Mr. Jefferson….we’re still here ‘motions to the rest of the class’

Mr. Jefferson - Shut up Brooke, no one cares about you

Stella - Mr Jefferson…’s Stella….I’ve been in your class all year…. Brooke doesn’t even LIKE photography

Mr. Jefferson - Just like no one likes YOU ‘walks out of the room in a huff’




-weeks later at Mr. Jefferson’s home-

‘Mr Jefferson walks outside to get the newspaper’

Mr. Jefferson - Ahh ! What a beautiful day ! ‘walks inside to read newspaper’

‘finds an article by Juliet Watson’

Mr. Jefferson - ‘reads’ Polarized…..a case of deceit and murder….. by JULIET WATSON AND MAX CAULFIELD ?!?!?! ‘spits coffee out’

‘reads all the grizzly details of his crimes in the darkroom as told by Max, complete with photos taken by Victoria and Kate’

Mr. Jefferson - ‘gets up, and puts clothes on’ I’ve got to go , I’ve got to leave town and ……

‘opens door and is immediately punched’

FBI - Freeze ! FBI !

‘syringe drops out of pocket’

FBI - He’s got a syringe !

‘FBI person drops into cover as Mr. Jefferson is shot to death by a swarm of bullets’