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Nathan’s Dorm Room Scribble

OKAY so since I have way too much time on my hands, I took this image into photoshop to find out what was scribbled out on Nathan’s dorm room.

And this is what I found

“GAY GAY GAY” scribbled out.

I have no idea who’s writing it is but……  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Life is Strange: Nathan x Reader [headcanons]

Dating Nathan Prescott includes…

  • Having to deal with rude stares and whispers about ‘Prescott and his little friend’ in the streets when you’re holding hands. He’s had to pull you off of a few people before.
  • Disapproval from Victoria when you two first meet, but by the end of the three of you hanging out, she turns to you and says, “You know? You’re not that bad.”
  • Once you’ve finally been dating for a month, you’re both pretty used to each others very different friends and hobbies. He’s not so rude to Warren anymore and although the two of them share snide comments every now and then and you get along well with Victoria and Hayden.
  • All of his pictures black and white except for the ones he takes of you. Unless you’re posed for it.
  • Getting calls from him in the early morning and sneaking into his dorm to help him during his panic attacks.
  • Dinner with the Prescotts. The house is big and cold and you’re a lot more nervous than your usually cool and confident self. He can tell you are so he holds your hand. Sean Prescott is really funny and charismatic.
  • But you know exactly how he treats Nathan and it doesn’t make you like him any more.
  • Him letting you in on and how you’re the first person not to use him. It’s the first time he hints at his involvement with Jefferson and it throws you off. It takes a long while of questioning both him, Sean and doing your own bit of investigating but when you find out you punch Jefferson square in the face.
  • He has no idea why and you won’t tell.
  • So when you’re about to get expelled Nathan bursts in like some kind of superhero from a movie, hair dishevelled slightly, and pulls all the strings he can to make sure you get off lightly.
  • He holds you close and he’s so happy that you’ve only been suspended for a week, but he’s also very mad at you, demanding why you did it.
  • When you tell Nathan you know he tries to push you away. He expects you to call the police.
  • Instead you encourage him to get out of what is happening - start to ignore Jefferson - maybe tell Max what he knows.
  • He takes your advice.
  • And because of that, he doesn’t die.
  • The night that Jefferson is arrested you two sit together in his room and you just hold him and he cries and cries and cries. When he finally stops you two watch a movie together and he falls asleep in your arms.
  • He’s the big spoon, though.
  • You support him through the entire Rachel Amber trial and the lead up to it. Max stands up for him in the witness box for trying to tell somebody what was going on (much to Chloe’s dismay. “Max, he killed her!” “No, Chloe, Jefferson did and you know it.”)
  • You’re both the talk of the town, but people begin to respect him more, and you notice that he notices because he seems a lot happier.
  • Because he let you put a flower crown on his head as a joke and he didn’t stop you taking a picture.
  • Because whenever he hugged you from behind he would whisper in your ear ‘I love you.’
  • Because now he wasn’t carrying a huge burden around and it was because of you he has admitted to several interviewers for the papers that you are his hero.
  • Because three months after Jefferson is founded guilty, he gets down on one knee and pops the big question.
  • It’s soon, but he promises you that you guys can wait to get married.
  • And well, of course, you say yes.
Life is Strange concept art - DARK ROOM

During my work on Life is Strange I was fortunate enough to devellop and do all the concepts of the Dark Room pieces!
It’s was a unique opportunity for me, you know concepting a psychopat man cave was like a dream come true…now I know what to do to build my own!
I pretty happy because I have heard that some guy has spent a lot of fun time in here krr krr krr


love to draw this photograph booth with all the stuff in here, it was like “ if I were a photoguy, what will be my dream studio”
here it is…with a bit of…awkward maniac vibes.

and a little sketch of the tunnel entrance of the Dark Room :)

hope you will like it =)


Being super Max, and having time powers, would be super hella rad… that is… if her friends didn’t keep dying all the damn time.

Ummm watcha say?

Watch more here:

Indirect @ Pricefield/Grahamfield Shippers

“Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games.”

Choice: an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

The entire point of Life Is Strange, is to let all players have a different and unique gaming experiences. That means different choices for each player.

Which consequently means different canons for each player

There is not one correct canon for LiS. The game is made like that on purpose.

You know what that means?

Both Pricefield and Grahamfield can be canon for different players. THERE IS NO BETTER OR CORRECT SHIP.

Why :) Can’t :) People :) Understand :) The :) Concept :) Of :) A :) Choice-Based :) Game :)

Life is Strange theory


Who really shot Chloe?
I think that Rachel shot Chloe.

Okay okay that sounds crazy on the surface I know. But okay let me explain.

-each time they dig in the junkyard to find a body all you see is blue (kinda like blue jeans) you never see a face or anything that you can reeeally use to identify a person. Max and Chloe both kinda just assume it’s Rachel.

-in Rachel’s letter to Chole it’s safe to assume she was talking about Frank. However, I believe she was talking about Jefferson. I think the same can be said in her letter to Frank I don’t think he was acting crazy towards her because of the drugs I think he found out about Jefferson taking photos of her.

-that being said the idea of a relationship between Rachel and Jefferson is just too perfect because she’s a model and he’s a photographer.

-also, Jefferson gets defensive over his opinion on Max comparing Kate to Rachel. Saying that Kate is NOTHING like Rachel.

-if you talk to Stella in the school yard she also says that Jefferson and Rachel had sex.

-so I believe that Jefferson faked Rachel’s death and now Rachel has this weird Stockholm Syndrome towards Jefferson and is helping him to accomplish whatever his goals are.

- the biggest things that made me think that Rachel shot Chloe is that,

1 we don’t see Jefferson with a gun nor do we see him actually shoot.

2 listen to how Chloe says “what the fuck” as if she just saw someone she’d never expect to see. Who would she be most shocked to see? Rachel Amber.

That just one of my theories about the game. Let me know what you think :)