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“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.” - Diane Arbus

This is how I imagine Mark spends his evenings alone in the Dark Room…


Public Lands/ Exploration/ Night Sky/ 

Searching for a meteor burst last night in the Bald Hills above Redwood creek in Redwood National Park.  

I had visions of a Meteor burst behind this fire tower, if you zoom in a few images have a faint line or two, but overall every time I would place and focus the lens the meteors would then show up in a different part of the sky.

*note on editing:
I find it difficult to edit night photos. It’s a tough call between taking all of the amazing colors the long exposure captures, and trying to portray the scene more closely to the way I experienced it. I always find that to my eyes it looks more silvery blue, but the camera often finds many colors. Last nights photos out of camera had amazing greens, purple and blue which to people viewing the photos might be more interesting. But that’s not how it felt to be there alone in the dark walking in starlight.  Maybe I’ll share an alternate edit at another time.


It’s literally been snowing nonstop for twenty-four hours in Iowa.  Kinda of hard to get out on the road to get back to work on Forgotten Iowa when half of the highways are experiencing closings and major accidents.  Not to mention, it’s just so cold.  We’re well into the negatives this evening.

So we’re spending another weekend indoors.  I walked around a little last night and shot some photos, then again this afternoon, though.

Stay safe!