jefferson keane

Oz Season 1, Episode 4 "Capital P" (1997)
  • Jefferson Keane: Dad, um...I need for you to do something for me.
  • Cornelius Keane: Well, anything, son. You know that.
  • Jefferson Keane: I need for you to talk to Billie.
  • Cornelius Keane: ....he's turned into a fag.
  • Jefferson Keane: But you don't know what it's like in here. You don't know the things they do to you, the loneliness! Talk to him.
  • Cornelius Keane: I raised you three all alone. Now, your sister, she's gonna...she's gonna make something with her life...but when he leaves? What's Billie ever gonna be?
  • Jefferson Keane: Your son. My brother. Forever.