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Lams + the beach

“Look at them,” Alexander narrowed his eyes behind his sunglasses, peeking over the top of his Men’s Health magazine, “Frolicking.”

“Can you forget about Thomas and James for the day, please?” John sighed, “Or, like, the rest of our trip? Would be nice?”

“Of course they had to pick the one villa we decided to stay at, the week we take off,” Alex went on with a scowl, “A million others had all the vacancies in the world, but no. It had to be this one.”

“Alex,” John put down his kindle, “Babygirl… forget about them. Please?”

“But they’re just… there, y’know?!” Alex grumbled. 

“Well so am I, and I’m more important than your political rivals,” John grumbled right back, and Alex tore his eyes away from the stupidly lovesick virginian couple and stared at his beautiful, sun-kissed, freckle covered man. 

“You’re right. Sorry, babe… Jefferson turns me into a hateful little ball of contempt sometimes.”

“No shit,” John retorted, turning back to his kindle, but Alex was desperate to make it up to him. 

“From this moment on, I’m gonna pay attention to you, and you alone.”

“Uh huh.”

“John,” Alex whined, and John looked down. 

“Fine. Wanna go swimming?”

“No, Jefferson’s swimming, I’ll get his water particles on me.”

John threw up his arms, and Alex quickly reconciled with, “B-But what if I let you turn me into a sand mermaid?” 

“A sand mermaid?” John began to grin.

“Yeah,” Alexander giggled, “With a hula skirt and everything. Then we can make out under the dock, like Sandy and Danny in Grease.”

“Yo, I like the way you think, babygirl,” John smirked, and the two jumped up, walking over through the blazing sun. About an hour later and what was sure to be a raging sunburn on Alex’s face, the immigrant lay there, buried in the sand. 

“Gorgeous,” John bit his lip, snapping a picture for Peggy and the rest. 

“I know,” Alex replied, pursing his lips. Just then, Thomas and James came by.

“Oh, Hamilton! Look what the tide washed up… didn’t know you were here too.”

“I am a fabulous, untouchable mermaid, Thomas, you cannot bring me down. Now get the fuck out of my face, or I will call upon Neptune to smite you.”

“Smite both your asses,” John added with a glare, and James hurried after Thomas, who was frowning at them. Alexander grinned, and tried to move his arms.

“Swimming would be nice now… if I can manage to get my legs and arms back.” John watched his dork of a boyfriend struggle to emerge from the packed sand, and ended up falling on top of him, laughing. 

“Damn, I love you.”

“Love you too, John. My heart’s pitter pattering out of my coconut bra for you.” 

The two kept laughing, kissing in between giggles, and the sun set as Alex finally broke free and tossed John into the waves. 


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