How to describe it? It’s just everything I’ve ever loved, put into music. It’s funny, because, just like lots of things that are out there, it doesn’t really lie with what is seen as a rock experience, not only lyrically and melodically, but in terms of arrangements [of the songs] … which are very exciting, and also evoke unseen things, emotions
—  Jeff Buckley on his music

“It’s something I’m really wary of. On my record cover, you can barely see my face. I still think I look really geeky. The way you look doesn’t mean shit if you can’t sing, or if you’re mean to people. It doesn’t mean shit if you’re not truthful with yourself. I have very different ideas about beauty than the rest of the world.” Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley
November 17, 1966 - May 29, 1997

On a calm night, 19 years ago, Jeff Buckley gazed at the stars, gently floating on his back, singing Whole Lotta Love, as he floated further into the Mississippi River and out of this world forever.
But his impassioned music, remarkable soul, timeless beauty, and most of all, his grace, live on in the hearts of those who are still listening.

You have not been forgotten Jeff,
We love you, always.

My music is like a lowdown dreamy bit of the psyche. It’s part quagmire and part structure. The quagmire is important for things to grow in. Do you ever have one of those memories where you think you remember a taste or a feel of something, maybe an object, but the feeling is so bizarre and imperceptible that you just can’t quite get a hold of it? It drives you crazy. That’s my musical aesthetic, just this imperceptible fleeting memory.
—  Jeff Buckley