jeffblim4eva said: I’m actually thinking about it. I never thought that Leaky would be as amazing as it was and I never thought I could be so happy there, so odds are I’ll be in portland next year.


jeffblim4eva said: Yes I went! The whole thing was perfect and I shared a floor with basically almost all the starkids. we saw joey the first night and hung out with him and then we saw clark all the time and from wed to today we basically knew each other hsgfuabs

Eep, that’s awesome! I’m so happy for you! Are you gonna do Leaky ‘13?

jeffblim4eva said: haha I adore you! Yeah there was a small group around him and then within a few minutes he was just mobbed when all he really wanted was to buy a drink. But if i’m not mistaken I think he danced on stage for a little bit with everyone

Ah, that’s good! You went, right? How was it? TELL ME. :D